Steamed Veggie Salad

Steamed squash and broccoli rabe over a delicious cabbage slaw and topped with a tahini dressing. Healthy and tasty!


Steamed Veggie Salad

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After a lot of holiday eating over the last week or so, Betsy discovered an interesting cleanse diet in the most recent Whole Living issue.

I’m not huge on body cleanses after a brief stint trying out The Master Cleanse many years ago.  Frankly, I think most of them are BS.

But what I liked about this cleanse is that it really just reduces your diet to fruits and veggies for a few weeks.  There’s no gimmicks or strange rituals.  Just healthy food.

That said, I’ll be honest.  I’m only dabbling in the cleanse.  Betsy is doing it more intensely, but I’m cheating quite a bit.

I thought about actually doing the entire 3 week program and posting on it here, but a fair number of their recommended meals aren’t something that I would consider post-worthy here.

This is mainly because I’ll only post things that I like to actually eat.  And while a kale, Romaine, and parsley smoothie (actual recipe from the diet) may be super-healthy, it tastes like cow vomit.

But, a few of the meals are very unique and I actually really enjoyed them.  This is one of those meals.  Not only is it completely delicious, but look at all those colors.  Anytime a dish is that colorful, you can bet that it’s good for you.

Steamed Squash Salad

Serves 4.
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Helpful Equipment:

Small food processorsteamer

Steamed squash and broccoli rabe over a delicious cabbage slaw and topped with a tahini dressing. Healthy and tasty!

Adapted from Whole Living Jan 2012.


1 bunch broccoli rabe
2 delicata squash, peeled and sliced
Sesame seeds, toasted
Salt and pepper

Slaw Mixture:

2 cups mixed greens
2 cups red cabbage, sliced thin (about 1/4 of a cabbage)
1/4 cup red onions, diced
1/4 cup carrots, shredded

Tahini Dressing:

1/2 cup tahini
1 lemon, juice only
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 garlic clove, chopped
1/2 teaspoon paprika
3/4 cup water

Show Directions

1) In a food processor, mix together ingredients for tahini dressing. Blend until smooth.

2) For slaw, slice cabbage and red onion thinly. Toss with greens and carrots and set aside.

3) Wash broccoli rabe and cut off any large stems leaving leaves and florets.

4) For squash, peel squash and slice down the center. Scoop out seeds and then slice squash into 1/4 inch slices.

5) Set up a steamer and steam squash for 5-6 minutes.

6) Add broccoli rabe on top of squash and continue to steam for another 4 minutes.

7) Serve steamed veggies on a bed of the cabbage slaw. Drizzle with dressing and top with toasted sesame seeds and season with salt and pepper.

8) Leftovers are great in a wrap with a drizzle of hot sauce.

The Dressing

This dish has some really hearty vegetables in it, but the flavors would be a bit bland without this dressing.  This is the star of the show in my opinion.  It has a similar flavor to hummus, but is much more intense which is why you just need a drizzle of it.

Dressing stuff

You could use any food processor to make the dressing.  I used my mini food processor which is getting a lot of use these days for me.

If you don’t have a food processor, I think you could still make this.  Just mash up the garlic clove really well and whisk together all the ingredients.  It’s thin enough that you should be able to mix it together okay without a food processor.

Pretty straightforward!

The Slaw

While the main veggies for this salad are steamed, there’s a really colorful slaw that the steamed veggies are served on.

The backbone is a nice fresh purple cabbage which I just sliced into tiny strips.

The purple and the red.

Combine the cabbage with some greens, red onion, and a handful of slivered carrots (my addition) and you’re all set.

I love the colors in this slaw.

Good lookin’ slaw.

Steaming the Veggies

There are two veggies that you need to steam to finish off this salad.  Both are kind of awkward and probably aren’t everyday ingredients for most people.

Stuff for steamin’

The first ingredient is Delicata squash.  I’d never used these before this recipe but I found them pretty easy to prepare.  You just need to peel them and then slice them in half and scoop out the seeds.  These squash are more tender than other winter varieties so they are actually really easy to peel.

Once you have them peeled and cleaned, just slice them into 1/4 inch pieces.  Don’t slice them too thin or they will just turn to mush as they steam.  You want them to have some texture.

Peeled and sliced.

Broccoli rabe is the second ingredient that we will be steaming.  While these guys look like baby broccoli, they actually aren’t related to broccoli at all.

You can steam the little florets and the leaves so just cut off any thick stems and give them a rinse.

Washed and ready.

Set up your steamer and add all your squash to the basket.  Steam this for about 5 minutes.  That won’t cook the squash all the way through, but it’ll get it started.

Here was my half-cooked squash.

After about five minutes.

After five minutes, just add all your broccoli rabe to the pot and put the lid back on!  Since the rabe doesn’t take as long to steam, you can add it at the halfway point and then everything is done at once.

on top
Full steamer!

After another 4-5 minutes all of your veggies will be perfectly steamed.

These were my finished veggies and they turned out great!

Pretty quick prep.

Serve the steamed veggies over the slaw with a drizzle of the tahini sauce and some roasted sesame seeds for a super-healthy and flavorful meal.  The squash has almost a meaty texture but is slightly sweet and really filling.

Another serving option which I tried out on day two is to wrap all the ingredients with maybe a drizzle of hot sauce.

These would be perfect for a lunch option.  Again… check out those great colors!

Really awesome wraps.

As I was writing this post I was browsing through the healthy category on the site and I have to say that I think this is one of the healthiest full meals I’ve ever made on Macheesmo.

But I didn’t post it because it was healthy.  I posted it because I really loved eating it!

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  1. Considering the fact that I stress ate 4 snack packs of doritos at work yesterday, I don’t think it’s accurate to say “Betsy is doing it more intensely” anymore…

  2. I read your site all the time, but never comment, until I laughed out loud at your assessment of those cleanse diets. I needed a good laugh today, plus another winning recipe of yours. Thanks!

  3. To be fair, Rapini and Broccoli are both in the Brassica family, so they are kind of related!

    But, on a less nit-picky note, this salad looks absolutely delicious. This is what I need to help balance the ridiculousness of the holidays!

  4. This was exactly what I needed post-holiday. If you’re not a tahini fan (or if Trader Joe’s doesn’t have tahini…) then you could try the yogurt/cilantro/lemon dressing that Nick posted ages ago for black bean patties. Thanks Nick!

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