Spring Spelt

Serves 4
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Nutty and chewy whole grain spelt topped with sauteed spring veggies and a poached egg.


2 cups spelt, cooked
1 bunch thin asparagus
2 medium squash or zucchini
4 large eggs, poached
Ground coriander
Ground black pepper
Kosher salt
White vinegar (for poaching)
Good olive oil


1) Cook spelt according to directions. Some say you need to soak the spelt, but I found it okay to just simmer it directly after a quick rinse in cold water. It will need to simmer or 80-90 minutes and you should taste it occasionally and stop the cooking when it reaches the consistency you like.

2) Break off tough ends of the asparagus and chop into 1 inch chunks. Slice zucchini or squash into half coins as well.

3) In a large skillet, add a drizzle of oil over medium high heat and add the asparagus and squash. Saute for a few minutes until the veggies are bright in color but not soggy. They should still have some bite to them. Season with salt, pepper, and a pinch of red pepper flakes.

4) To poach the eggs, bring a few inches of water to a light simmer over medium heat. Add 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar to the water and swirl it with a spoon.

5) Crack the eggs into a small bowl and roll each egg into the water one at a time. Let them poach for 2-3 minutes until the whites are set. Remove eggs with a slotted spoon and let drain on a paper towel.

Plate the spelt by dividing the spelt between plates. Top with sauteed veggies and a poached egg. Drizzle good olive oil over each plate and sprinkle on a pinch of ground coriander and red pepper flakes.