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A Macheesmo sponsorship will get your brand or product in front of thousands of people who love food and love to cook regularly.

There are two Sponsorship Packages available:

Sidebar Sponsorship Package:

 Your logo (300px by 200px) (or multiple rotating logos) in the sidebar for 30 days.
 Social media shout outs (Facebook and Twitter).
Optional add-on of a sponsored post for a discount.

Sponsored Post Package:

– 1 post featuring your product prominently including an original recipe using your product.
–  Promotion on Social media (Facebook and Twitter).
–  Optional Giveaway (helps spread the word)

Basic Stats

I’m kind of a stats addict so if you have any specific questions about stats, I can probably answer them. Here’s a rough rundown though:

The site averages around 300,000 page views per month on the low end.


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For rates and availability for either the sidebar sponsor package or the sponsored post package, please contact me through one of the below methods.