Spinach Artichoke Risotto

Serves 4.
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My favorite dip meets my favorite rice in this creamy and delicious Spinach Artichoke Risotto. This is a must try recipe!


2 quarts vegetable stock, simmering
1/2 sweet onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 lemon, juice only
1 1/2 cups Arborio rice
1/3 cup sun-dried tomatoes, diced
1/2 cup marinated artichokes, chopped
2-3 cups fresh spinach, packed
Salt and pepper
Parmesan cheese


1) In a medium pot, heat vegetable stock until it’s steaming. You don’t need it at a boil, but it should be hot.

2) In a large, high-walled skillet over medium heat, add the olive oil followed by the onion and garlic. Cook until onion is soft, about 4 minutes, stirring regularly.

3) Add rice to the pan and cook for a minute or two until rice is hot. Add lemon juice to deglaze pan.

4) After lemon juice, start ladling in hot stock in 3/4 cup batches, stirring constantly after you pour in the stock. There’s no need to stir constantly once the stock is stirred in, but do keep an eye on the risotto so it doesn’t dry out.

5) When the pan is dry and rice is thick, add more stock. You should be adding more stock every 3-4 minutes.

6) After 5-6 cups of stock, the rice should be fairly soft, with a tiny bite. You don’t want it soggy.

7) Stir in sun-dried tomatoes and spinach and stir to wilt spinach. If rice looks very dry, add another cup of stock so it stays loose.

8) To finish rice, add in chopped artichokes and stir. When spinach is wilted and the dish is a thick, creamy consistency, season with salt and pepper and serve with a heavy dusting of Parmesan cheese.