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Spicy Hummus Muffins

Hummus Muffins - Quick savory muffins made delicious with healthy spicy hummus! Cheese and scallions round out the flavors!


Spicy Hummus Muffins

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I’ve been working with the folks at Sabra for over a year now ever since they invited me to tour their sweet, Willy Wonka like factory in Richmond last year. Ever since then they have been nice enough to send me a huge box of Sabra stuff every 3-4 months.

I get loads of their hummus (all flavors) plus salsas and their yogurt dips. Tough life. I know.

No matter how many different products I try though, I always come back to their supremely spicy hummus. It’s my absolute favorite and I can smorgasbord an entire container by myself.

These Hummus Muffins are my latest experiment and while you could use almost any of the Sabra flavors for it, I particularly like the spicy kick that this version has.

Spicy Hummus Muffins

10 muffins
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Hummus Muffins on Macheesmo
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Quick savory muffins made delicious with healthy spicy hummus! Cheese and scallions round out the flavors!


1/2 cup spicy hummus
1/3 cup milk
3 large eggs
1 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 cup whole wheat flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon chili powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup cheddar cheese, grated
2-3 scallions, minced
1 tablespoon unsalted butter, for muffin tin


1) Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. In a medium bowl, whisk together hummus, milk, and eggs. Whisk out any lumps of hummus. In a large bowl, stir together flours, baking powder, chili powder, salt, cheese, and scallions.

2) Stir wet ingredients into the dry ingredients. Don’t overmix, but if the batter is super-thick add more milk by the tablespoon. It should be a barely pourable batter.

3) Grease or butter a muffin tin and spoon in the batter. Fill the tins almost to the top.

4) Bake muffins at 400 degrees F. for 30 minutes or until they are cooked through and the tops are cracking.

5) Remove muffins and let cool briefly. Then remove from muffin tins. I think they are best while warm.

Hummus Muffins

Muffin Magic

I’ve made a lot of muffins over the years. There’s nothing particularly hard about making a good muffin and most recipes are flexible enough to customize to your liking (which is why I’ll never understand muffin mixes in the store).

For this version, I scooped in a lot of the spicy hummus which gives the Hummus Muffins a lot of moist texture and also a subtle savory flavor throughout.

It just felt right to stir in some cheddar and scallions also!

Hummus Among us! - Hummus Muffins
Hummus Among us!

Start by mixing your wet ingredients together in a medium bowl. Add the hummus into this bowl and whisk it well. You don’t actually want any lumps of hummus in the batter.

Hummus Muffins wet ingredients.
The wet stuff.

In the dry bowl, add in the flour, leavening ingredients, cheese, scallions, and spices. Toss this all together really well to the cheese and scallions get lightly coated in flour. This will help them stay evenly distributed in the final batter.

Good dry stuff - mixing up Hummus Muffins
Good dry stuff.

The final Hummus Muffins batter should be on the thick side for sure. Thicker than pancake batter, definitely.

If your batter is too thick (it should be slowly pourable), then add a bit more milk until it’s the right consistency.

Hummus Muffin batter
All mixed up.

Baking the Muffins

Grease or butter your muffin tins well for these guys and fill them up basically to the top. These will rise a bit while baking but because they are so dense, they won’t rise as much as other muffins so you can really fill them up.

Because of this I only got 10 out of my batch which is fine. I’d rather have 10 full muffins than 12 hockey puck things.

Don't forget to grease those tins - Hummus Muffins
Don’t forget to grease those tins.

These will need to bake for about 30minutes at 400 degrees until they are puffed and a bit crackly on top.

Let them cool a bit before popping them out.

Hummus muffins baked.

These Hummus Muffins are great on their own or with a smear of butter. There’s so much flavor going on that you don’t need much else.

If you wanted to get crazy though, these would actually be a delicious side to a big bowl of chili or something. They almost have the same feel and qualities of a good corn muffin, except packed with more flavor.

Spicy hummus muffins
These are way good.

I had no problem snarfing down two of these right away for a little afternoon snack.

I dream of that supremely spicy hummus, but if I had one hummus wish, I would wish for an even more extremely spicy hummus!

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  1. Do you have a recipe for a pecan pie with the filling a little runny instead of so firm and dry. Love your website and thanks.

  2. Nick, What an excellent idea. I always default to making sweet muffins but this will work so well with chili and soups for this fall. Can’t wait to try them. I agree with you that I would rather have less muffins, than the small flat ones !

  3. Hey Nick,

    Totally unrelated to your post above (which looks good/interesting BTW), but have you ever used a Spiralizer?? Wife has been aching for one of these things and I’m hard-pressed to figure out why. If you’ve used one do they even work? Maybe a decent idea for a future post…..hmmmm

    1. Ha! That is unrelated but no… I’ve never really used one or had a need for it, but I figure I could find things to do with it. :)

  4. These look so yummy.. Why must Sabra use soybean oil? Any suggestions on spices that I could add to hummus that I am not allergic to for a similar flavor profile?

  5. I’ve never understood muffin mixes either. Once you know the formula it’s easy to create whatever type of muffing you want.

  6. I like Sabra’s supremely spicy hummus just fine–but what I really miss is their old chipotle flavor! Any chance you have the cache to get them to bring it back?

    1. THey still make chipotle. It’s probably just not popular at your store… you could ask your store to get some for sure and they might make it happen!

  7. As you know, I LOVE hummus but Sabra is not available here. Does the ingredient list reveal their source of heat? I’d love to try to make these with my own spicy hummus :-)

    1. Hi Tusia! I always recommend using a tester to test for doneness. Cooking times can vary a lot depending on oven and other factors. You might also grab an oven thermometer and make sure your oven is an accurate temperature. Good luck!

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