Sous Vide Hollandaise Sauce

Sous Vide Hollandaise Sauce

Quit worrying about broken sauces during brunch! This Sous Vide Hollandaise Sauce is fail-safe. Guaranteed success for your next brunch!

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There are exactly two reasons why restaurants think they can charge you $15 for an Eggs Benedict dish. First, they think you can’t cook eggs, but you probably can. Second, they want you to believe that Hollandaise Sauce is completely inaccessible to the home cook.

Have no fear! I’ve been making Hollandaise Sauce for years and years. (It even made me some money back in the day!) But, it’s true that I still screw it up sometimes.

That’s why I love this Sous Vide Hollandaise Sauce so much. It is actually impossible to screw up and is reason enough to dive into the world of sous vide cooking. I actually TRIED to screw up this sauce and still couldn’t do it.

I tried cooking it for anywhere from 60 minutes to three hours. Worked. (Although I think 90 minutes is best).

I tried not shaking the ingredients at all before cooking it. Worked.

I tried not melting the butter before adding it. Worked.

I tried making it, letting it cool, reheating it, and re-blending it. Worked.

Once you try this Sous Vide Hollandaise Sauce, it seriously feels like a cheat code to brunch and you can easily host people without worry of broken or cold sauces!

Can you tell I’m excited? This is a must for Eggs Benedict Lovers!

Sous Vide Hollandaise Sauce

Sous Vide Hollandaise Sauce

Quit worrying about broken sauces during brunch! This Sous Vide method of making Hollandaise Sauce is fail-safe. This is about as close as guaranteed success in a recipe can come. A must try for Eggs Benedict Lovers!
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Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 1 hr 30 mins
Total Time 2 hrs
Course Breakfast & Brunch, Side Dishes
Cuisine French
Servings 4 Servings
Yield About 1 cup


  • 1 tablespoon shallot minced
  • ¼ cup apple cider vinegar
  • 4 large egg yolks
  • 8 tablespoons Land O Lakes® Unsalted Butter melted
  • ¼ cup water
  • 1 tablespoon lemon juice
  • ½ teaspoon salt


  • In a small sauce pan, combine shallot and apple cider vinegar. Bring to a simmer and simmer for 5 minutes then remove from heat and let cool. Measure out two tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar and add to a large mason jar.
  • Add egg yolks, melted (and cooled) unsalted butter, water, lemon juice, and salt to the jar. Tighten the lid and shake well.
  • Place jar in a sous vide water bath at 147 F˚. Cook for 90 minutes or up to three hours.
  • Remove jar when ready to serve and blend sauce with an immersion blender or transfer mixture to a standard blender and blend well to emulsify sauce.
  • Serve sauce generously over your eggs benedict recipes.



Serving: 0.25cupCalories: 264kcalCarbohydrates: 1gProtein: 3gFat: 27gSaturated Fat: 16gPolyunsaturated Fat: 2gMonounsaturated Fat: 8gTrans Fat: 1gCholesterol: 255mgSodium: 304mgPotassium: 50mgFiber: 0.1gSugar: 0.5gVitamin A: 960IUVitamin C: 2mgCalcium: 34mgIron: 1mg
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How to Make Sous Vide Hollandaise Sauce

The first step for this hollandaise sauce is option. I like to add some shallot to apple cider vinegar and simmer it for a few minutes to infuse the flavor into the vinegar and also reduce the vinegar slightly.

I’ve made this sauce a few times now which just skipping this step and it’s still delicious. If you have the time though it does add some good flavors.

Shallot vinegar - Sous Vide Hollandaise Sauce
Optional, but good.

You’ll need butter for this recipe! I like to use unsalted butter for it.

Ingredients - Sous Vide Hollandaise Sauce
Sauce Basics

Combine all your ingredients into a large glass jar. Ideally, if you have an immersion blender, make sure the jar has a wide enough top so your immersion blender can fit in it, otherwise you’ll need to transfer the sauce to a blender to blend. Not a bit deal, but an extra step for sure.

Jarred - Sous Vide Hollandaise Sauce
Trust me this works!

Cook the sauce for about 90 minutes at 147 F˚. As I mentioned, I tried this once at 60 minutes and also at 120 minutes and both times worked. I thought the 90 minute version was the best though.

Just know that when the sauce comes out of the sous vide bath, it will be separated. Have no fear. After blending it, it turns beautifully creamy.

Sous Vide Hollandaise Sauce

I fried up some standard eggs benedict fixings to go with my sauce!

Fixings for Eggs Benedict

I’m a big fan of hollandaise sauce and use it liberally!

Spooning Sous Vide Hollandaise Sauce

Does brunch get more perfect than this?!

The hollandaise sauce is the most complicated part of making eggs benedict and if you use this sous vide method it’s a no-brainer.

Sous Vide Hollandaise Sauce

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  1. I’m making this TONIGHT! But… I have a family of four and they will eat this stuff by the quart. Can I double the recipe in the same jar, or should I use two (or three or four) jars….?!? Thank you.

    1. Hey Linda! You should be able to double it without any problem if your jar is big enough. I’d up the cooking time to 90-120 minutes though to make sure it heats through! Set it and forget. So easy!

  2. Can you immersion blend it and put in sous vide bags to cook?? Then freeze the bags to have individual servings when you want? I am hoping that will work. I live alone and can’t eat that much hollandaise at once.

  3. Hey Anne! I do think that would work. You would probably have to reblend the sauce when you thawed it but it should keep okay! GOod luck!

  4. Please tell me 1/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar is a typo. I made this today and it was way too strong! I should have trusted my gut. I spent about 30 minutes of my dinner prep trying to fix it, but I failed.

    Not sure if it’s a typo, or a cultural difference, or personal taste…but it was way too much vinegar for my liking. I made two batches, so unfortunately I wasted 8 eggs and two sticks of butter. I will make again but will definitely reduce the amount of vinegar. The blog post and instructions were great though, thanks for sharing.

    1. Not sure if you’ll see this, but the 1/4 cup is for simmering with the shallots – only 30ml is used in the final recipe (2 American tbsp)! Hope you get to remake this because it’s delicious!!

  5. I can’t understand why this had so few stars. I can’t read the reviews or review myself. This recipe is awesome. We have had friends over numerous times for brunch with this recipe and get rave reviews! Don’t let the minimal stars fool you!

    1. I accidently clicked near those stars and it recorded a 3 star review for me. I had no intention of leaving a review. I think those stars are all mostly accidents and they aren’t helping this awesome recipe.

      1. Thanks Mike! Yea… I think there are some accidental clicks sometimes. It’s a fine balance between making it easy for people to rate and also making it TOO easy. Thanks for the comment and glad you liked it!

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