Sofa Construction


Sofa Construction

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Bets and I have started shifting into high gear for preparing for our baby arrival in a few months (YIKES). We are turning our spare bedroom into the nursery (photos of that later when it’s done), but that means that any visitors we have will have no real place to stay.

So we bought a surprisingly nice sofa couch from Ikea. I was skeptical of the quality but it’s nice and sturdy actually and completely functional (and comfortable). Of course, the issue with Ikea is that you have to put the darn thing together yourself.

Sofa construction isn’t really something that’s in my skill set but it turned out to not be too tricky. I actually think their dressers are way harder to put together than this sucker. It only took me two hours, two beers, and under a dozen curse words to get it completed!

Porter has already claimed the sofa as his so you know it’s comfortable (sorry for the dog NSFW)!

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The Links

Herbed Parmesan Beans with Figs – These shouted out to me from my RSS reader. They are exactly what I want this fall. It’s such an interesting flavor combo. I never would’ve thought of it on my own. (@ Turntable Kitchen)

Lobster Bacon Jalapeno Poppers – Why do you do this to me Dan? Why must you rub it in that you live in New England and can get delicious lobster on a whim. Just stop it! (@ The Food in my Beard)

Slow Cooker Hatch Chili – It’s Hatch season. Finally! I have a good recipe featuring these roasted peppers also coming in the pipeline, but this is a good simple way to kick off chile season. (@ Endless Simmer)

Butter and Oil Smoke Points – Not only have I heard this kitchen myth, I believed it. If you mix oil and butter it raises the smoke point of butter so you can more easily cook with it. But is it true? Spoiler: Not really. (@ Serious Eats)

Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy the last of summer!

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