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My good blogging friend Dan from The Food in My Beard has been working on an incredible project for the last few months. It’s called “Snoflaek” and it’s a new in-house ice cream maker that is one of the cooler projects I’ve seen recently. Basically, the machine is like a Keurig but for ice cream. It lets you make really high quality ice cream in minutes using liquid nitrogen containers.

To make it happen, he has worked with a team of designers, engineers, and ice cream experts. It’s been a ton of work but to bring the thing to market they need some serious support.

They are trying to kickstart the project so if you love ice cream and want to make it easier to make it at home, check out the project on kickstarter and support it!

Cookbook Winners!

Here are all the winners from Cookbook week last week! If you won a copy of a book, you’ll be hearing from me!

Franklin BBQ – Dani (Facebook follow) and Charisse (Pinterest follow)

Genius Recipes – Alyson (facebook follow) and Carol (Comment)

Seven Spoons – Kevin (comment) and Kim (Facebook)

The Best Baby Foods – Nicole (comment) and Sharon (comment)

A Girl and Her Greens – Shelly (Facebook) and Miranda (pinterest)

The Links

Here are a few links from around the web to kick off your June weekend!

No Bake Cherry Walnut Cheesecake – I love a good cheesecake but it’s not really on my summer list because most recipes require a few hours of oven time. Not happening! This no-bake version looks great for June though! (@ Brown Eyed Baker)

Pressure Cooker Ramen – A complete and thorough walkthrough to make delicious ramen at home using a pressure cooker. This is so up my alley. If I get a free weekend like, ever, this is on my list! (@ Steamy Kitchen)

Spring Green Risotto – Living in downtown Denver, foraging for greens is tough, but buying them at the farmer’s market is easy! Wherever you get your greens, you can probably find some great ones this time of year and this recipe is flexible enough to put them to use! (@ Hunter Angler Gardener Cook)

How to Find (and Reach) Your Ideal Weight – I have some strange notion in my brain that I should weigh ten pounds less than I do. I’m not overweight and actually pretty healthy, but it’s a random number I picked that I feel like I should weigh… this post made me think that maybe that’s not the case and I should just be happy where I am! (@ Summer Tomato)

Have a great weekend everybody!

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  1. Thanks so much for the plug Nick! Anyone can let me know either on here or via the kickstarter page if you have any questions about the project!

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