Snippets: Welcome Home!


Snippets: Welcome Home!

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This is a reoccurring series on Macheesmo that shows life from the point of view of my phone.

Betsy and I purchased our very first home in the Denver area last month and we are finally moved in and settled.

I thought I would show you all the new digs!

We have been moving a lot over the last few years and I’m very happy to hopefully call this place home for a very long time.

The house was originally built in 1892 so it has lots of old character with plenty of new upgrades. The previous owners took amazing care of the house and we hope to do the same.

I can’t say enough about the previous owners. They had everything meticulously documented which made the transition a bit easier for us.

Plus, they left us this awesome old cast iron mailbox!

Love this.
Love this.

The Downstairs

Before we moved in, we took about two weeks and painted almost the entire house. I did it all myself with some help from a few friends. It was a lot of work, but worth it I think.

When you walk in, there is a beautiful old oak staircase in the entryway, but the downstairs still has a fairly open feel to it which we liked.

This staircase is, um, old.
This staircase is, um, old.

The Living Room

We are trying not to hang much on the walls in the living room because the walls are all brick and we don’t want to drill into them too much.

Betsy has done a great job decorating so far though and this room definitely feels like home already.

Bets is a good decorator I think.
Bets is a good decorator I think.

Porter loves watching the world go by from the large porch window!

One of his many spots.
One of his many spots.

Dining Room

When we first saw the house, the dining room was in good shape and had this amazing wood built-in. The piece has mirror backings on the bottom two shelves and leaded glass windows up top which let in lots of light at certain times of the day.

This was how it looked when we moved in. One word: Maroon!


We brightened the room up a lot by painting it two shades of blue, one slightly lighter than the other. We are also getting a nice long reclaimed wood table that should be arriving in a week or two to help take up some space in this huge room!

This room needs some work...
This room needs some work…

I think this dining room will be such a nice room to host though once we get it finished up!

The Kitchen

I was very worried that I wouldn’t like this kitchen. It looked kind of dark when we first saw it and it had an electric stove (something I always said would be a deal breaker for me, but compromise is important).

There was a lot of brown in this room!

Lots of brown and bars…

This room is the example of what a coat or two (or three) of paint can do.

Some white paint and light blue walls was all it took to brighten up the entire room. I really love how the brick pops now.

The electric stove is still around, but it’s actually a super nice electric stove and maybe someday I can afford to switch that bad boy out with a gas model!

Much better.
Much better.

This is the first kitchen I’ve ever had where I can actually fit all my kitchen stuff in the kitchen. I already really love cooking in it.

The Upstairs

We haven’t done much to the upstairs yet because it looks really good! When you go up the stairs there is this really old and beautiful stained glass window. I was certain that we would break it while we were moving it, but it made it!

Pretty original glass.
Pretty original glass.

The Bedroom

Our bedroom is insane and definitely the nicest bedroom I’ve ever had.

The ceilings are like 20 feet high and Betsy calls it her resort bedroom.

Resort bedroom!
Resort bedroom!

Even though it’s an old house, the previous owners renovated a tiny corner of the bedroom into a bathroom. It’s small, but it works great for us since Betsy and I are never getting ready at the same time anyway.

Large bathrooms are not a thing in old houses.
Large bathrooms are not a thing in old houses.

The Work

I’ve always struggled with an office space in our homes, but not with this one. We made sure there would be a nice place for me to work. This house has a nice library area that opens up into an office area. It’s perfect and a lovely place to work.


Here’s the view from my desk. Since it’s on the second floor, I get a great view of the city from the windows.

I'm very productive here.
I’m very productive here.

There’s even an attached balcony so Porter can chill out there while I’m working.

It’s his watchtower of sorts.

Porter's watchtower office.
Porter’s watchtower office.

The Backyard

It’s important to know that Betsy and I have never had a usable yard in our six years living together. Living in the city, it’s tough to find any yard space, but this house has a really cute backyard. It’s not huge or anything, but it’s a nice little sanctuary and it’s landscaped really nice already.

We have big plans to keep this space looking fantastic!

City backyard!
City backyard!

There’s a side area in the backyard that hasn’t starting growing yet. Knowing the previous owners, I imagine stuff will start popping up here once we get into spring, but I may also turn this into a garden in the future.

Future garden.
Future garden.

We were also instructed to leave these trinkets over the backyard door.

The are good luck and we will definitely need it!

Lucky trinkets.
Lucky trinkets.


This home is very far from a fixer-upper. There’s not a lot of stuff that needs to be done considering how old the house is. There is a list of 4-5 projects that the inspector said we should focus on within the next year or so and then we have an ongoing dream list of stuff that we would like to do someday.

So far I like spending time working on the house though. While I was taking these photos, in fact, we were working on painting the bathroom upstairs.

Projects continue!
Projects continue!

Betsy and I feel really lucky to be able to live in this house. It’s not the biggest and doesn’t have many of the things that HGTV says you should request in a new house (DOUBLE SINKS).

But it has a lot of love and character and that’s what we care about.

We just made our first mortgage payment last week. 359 to go!

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  1. Beautiful!! I love old houses because of their character, even if they don’t have huge bathrooms and double sinks. The previous owners must have really loved that house too, you can tell that they took good care of it, and that can be hard to find on those older homes. We prefer fixer-uppers, but then we love a good house project that stretches my budgeting skills and gets our hands dirty. ;-) But that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s cool too. :-)

    1. That’s awesome. I wish I was more handy… I’m starting slowly with some small plumbing projects and stuff. Hopefully those will go well and I can build up my confidence. I feel like home repair is strangely similar to cooking in that it can be overwhelming if you think about everything at once, but if you start small and take it step-by-step it’s all pretty doable.

  2. I LOVE THIS POST! The house looks amazing and can’t wait to see it in person some day. Cant’ wait to see the dining room table you bought. That calls for a dinner party asap.

  3. SO GORGEOUS! I am excited for you guys. I know that both probably put a lot of time and thought into your house search, but I am so impressed that you were able to find something with so much character and in such good shape. Good luck with the projects and enjoy settling in!

    (PS- I made your soba noodles last week and they were delicious. Thanks!)

  4. Oh my gosh, I love it! Old houses in Denver are the best! What neighborhood are you guys in? That looks very Park Hill-ish to me. Congrats!

    1. Hey Sarah, we are closer to the Cheeseman park/Capitol hill area. :) I love the Park hill area though. I run up there a few times a week.

  5. Congratulations on your new home! I have a suggestion for you. It’s called Command Strips by 3M. They make hangers that support a LOT of weight and they can be removed without leaving a trace. I have a completely tiled bathroom and wanted to add hooks for a bathrobe by the shower. I didn’t want to drill through the tile as I wasn’t even sure where I wanted to locate the hook. I used a Command Strip hook in brushed silver to match my fixtures. It holds a ton of weight and hasn’t come down accidentally. It was up for about 9 months when I took it down and relocated it. Was very easy and didn’t leave a trace. I recommend them highly. I’ve now put up small, medium, and very large, heavy paintings with them with very good results.
    (Tucson, AZ where it’s 93 degrees right now)

    1. Oh… thanks for the rec Pamela! We have a few walls that are proving difficult to hang on so I’ll check it out for sure. Thanks!

  6. Congratulations Nick! I agree Betsy is good at decorating. I think it is tremendously satisfying to have space that is your own and can be customized to your taste and style. Enjoy!!!!

  7. That was so special for you to show us your new home. I can see why you love it. May you have many happy years there.

  8. Truly gorgeous. Congratulations! Can’t wait to see the garden pics :)
    And thanks to Pamelar for the 3M Command Strips tip!

  9. Congratulations on your new home. It’s beautiful and so full of character and history. Wishes for many happy years in this new home and lots of wonderful and tasty memories.

  10. Wishing you lots of good luck in your new home. So nice of you to share it with us. It’s beautiful and has so much character. Porter is adorable by the way.

  11. Congratulations on your new old home (or old new home). It’s gorgeous. I love old houses. They have such character and you were lucky to find one that was so well cared for. Enjoy! I’ll look forward to more house posts.

  12. Great house. Adorable dog. If your kitchen looks too dark still as time goes by, don’t be afraid to paint the cabinets white. I just came from the O’more showhouse. They redid a funeral home and had white cabinets. The white reflects the light all over the kitchen. Good luck in your happy home.

  13. You have so many comments but I couldn’t not express my congratulations for you Betsy & Porter. I’ve been with you for a few years now and I am truly happy for your continued success. I love old houses and your is beautiful. I wish you many years of prosperity with it. I didn’t see the cat (sorry, I forgot his nane). Is he still with you? I expected to see a pic of him hiding out in a box, while you guys unpack.

    1. Ha! Yes. Tipsy is alive and well. She is pretty skittish and still adjusting to the new digs. She’s starting to warm up to the new house though. I’ll definitely snap a few pics of her for a different post. :)

  14. Always a favorite part of my day when your posts arrive. Nice place. Congrats and I expect great things on the recipe front considering you have such a great work space!


    Scott and Marc (Quebec, Canada)

  15. Glad to see Laura-jo asked about kitty Tipsy! I was looking for her peeping out from somewhere too! So glad she is still around! Will look forward to pictures of her when she settles in! Congratulations on the new house!!

  16. Love the mailbox, brick kitchen walls, stained glass, lots of really special features. We have a vintage 1939 cape cod, so much character makes up for smaller bathrooms, etc. Beautiful! Congrats!

    1. Nick & Betsy and you too Porter..

      The rest if my message didn’t go thru

      To all you guys ::

      Best wishes for Happy fun safe times in your new house … Filled With plenty of wonderful happenings




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