Snippets: Pre-Baby Prep

And just like that summer and fall is in the rearview and we are counting the days until kiddo #2 joins us. Betsy’s official due date is early December, but really any day now could be THE DAY.

We feel ready… as ready as we can feel, I think, for our world to be turned upside down by a baby girl. Our little dude spends a few minutes every day going over all the baby toys and trying to squeeze into them. I’m not sure he totally understands what that means, of course.

I thought I’d do a quick life update and talk about some of the prep we’ve done to get ready for the new baby Macheesmo!

Making Room

We live in a not small, but not expansive city home in downtown Denver. My own mother has been known to describe our house as “not very functional.”


We have three bedrooms, technically, but one bedroom we’ve always used as sort of a library/office. We debated whether we wanted to turn that into an official third bedroom, but ultimately we decided to make the kiddos share a room for at least a few years.

We moved out pretty much everything but cribs and clothes in one room. Our dude was very intrigued by the much smaller crib now in his room.

To be honest, I think he probably only has a few months left before we move him to a toddler bed, but for now we figured it would be good to get him used to an extra crib in there.

BONUS: Doodle butt photo bomb.

Ready for 2!

Ready for 2!

Meanwhile, in our third room, we condensed my office/library situation down to one section. I really love this room. It gets lots of light and is a great work space. I did have to condense my cookbook collection a bit, but that was probably a good idea anyway!

Love my office.

Love my office.

For the front part of this room, we moved out the library stuff and made it a total playroom. The idea is that the kiddos can play in this room and sleep in their bedroom. Maybe it will work? Hopefully it will work!

We hung some fun maps and decked out the room with storage bins and toys.

Play room!

Play room!

I painted one section of the room with magnetic and chalk paint which is pretty fun!

Also, I love that the playroom is connected to my office so technically I can work while they play (yea, right).

Chalk wall!

Chalk wall!

I feel pretty good with this re-organization. I actually feel like it makes our house feel a lot bigger than it did with our previous set up.

Freezer Meals

The first few weeks (okay, months?) of having a new human in the home can make dinner logistics tough. I just won’t have much time or energy to really cook stuff every night. So, I try to plan ahead by stocking the freezer with easy and delicious meals.

This is a work in progress, but you can already see some good eats happening.

Most importantly, my wife’s favorite carrot soup which we made for the first time around also.

Freezer ready!

Freezer ready!

In short, we are ready!

Bring on the baby!




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  1. Good luck with the room sharing. We have four kids but our younger two are about the same spread that yours will be…currently 2 1/2 and 5 months. We’d decided to have the younger two share so we could still have a guest room and had the room all set up but the baby in with us for the first few months. Of course that was when the two year old started flipping out of his crib (enter toddler bed…did you know those wonderful bed tents are illegal now and you can’t buy them anywhere?) and then he thought it was hilarious to climb into his baby sisters (thankfully empty) crib.

    Thankfully we don’t have too many overnight guests.

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