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Over the last few years, I’ve amassed a large collection of kitchen equipment.  On this page you’ll find the equipment that I’ve actually used and recommend.

Most of the links on this page will direct you to an Amazon page where you can purchase the item.  If you buy things off of this page, Amazon will pay me a small percentage of the sale which helps support this site.  So thanks!

I’ve disabled comments on this page, but if you have a question always feel free to contact me.

The Dutch Oven

One of the most versatile things in the kitchen is a really good, cast iron dutch oven.  I’ve included one really nice Le Creuset pot since it’s the one I actively use. Staub is another maker of excellent dutch ovens. For the money though, you can’t beat a Lodge dutch oven. They are economical and sturdy.  The stainless steel replacement knob that I linked to is important if you want to do a lot of high temperature baking in your pot as the plastic knobs on Le Creusets and Lodge pans could melt.

Pizza Pizza

Homemade pizza is one of my favorite meals to make. After you get the hang of it you’ll very rarely want to pick up the phone and order delivery.

These are the tools you’ll need to make it happen plus a link to my favorite book on pizza.

Various Cookery

You can spend thousands and thousands of dollars on pots and pans and still feel inadequate in a Bed Bath and Beyond. What I’ve linked to here are the skillet and pan sizes that I own that get me through the week. I don’t have every possible size imaginable and I’ve never bought one of those big crazy kits.

I buy just the pots and pans that I know I’ll use. There’s also no reason to think you need all of these to start cooking. I’ve amassed them over three or four years and a wedding.

Knives and Boards

Again, this won’t come as a shocker if you know me, but I don’t really recommend buying those huge knife sets. Really, I think you only need a handful of knives. Here’s the few I would recommend. I personally like Wustof knives but there are a bunch of different brands obviously.

Muffins and Cakes

I don’t fancy myself a baker, but I do try my hand at the occasional cake or cupcake. These items are pretty helpful.


I would like to think that I do a lot of preparation by hand, but sometimes some electronics can really make your life easier. For most recipes you don’t technically need a lot of these tools, but they can make cooking a lot of fun.


Over the years my drawers and cabinets have been filled with a ridiculous amount of ridiculous kitchen tools. Here’s the stuff that I actually use though.

If you have all the stuff on this page, then you should probably start a food blog!