Scenes From The Market

Photos from the DC Dupont Circle Farmer's Market.


Scenes From The Market

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This last weekend I participated in a fun food blog bake sale at the Dupont Farmer’s Market. There were over 20 food blogs in all and everyone brought lots of delicious stuff to sell. Last I heard, we made almost $1,000 for Doctors without Borders. That’s a good day’s work in my book!

I brought my camera and snapped a few photos of the bake sale and a few of the general market area and thought I’d share them!

The Bake Sale

Like I said, there were over 20 bloggers who cooked up a storm for the bake sale. I didn’t get to meet all of them, but everything looked delicious.

bake sale tables

Jenna from Modern Domestic supplied these delicious looking lemon cupcakes.

lemon cupcakes

Luke and Joe from The Passion Fruits made a few different things including these peppermint brownies that sold like they were on fire. (That’s a good thing)

peppermint brownies

And the most expensive items at the bake sale although still on HUGE sale from what they would be in a real bakery were these, as far as I could tell, perfect macaroons from One Vanilla Bean. They almost sold out before I could even snap a photo.


Oh. And yours truly made blondies. Recipe coming tomorrow…


The Competition

As luck would have it, we weren’t the only group peddling their baked wares at the farmer’s market. The local girl scout troop set up right next to us and started giving out free samples of Do-Si-Dos, Thin Mints, and all their other varieties. To which I said, “Thanks-A-Lot.”

Pete and I hatched a plan to wreck the enemy base but then we remembered that they were girl scouts and probably knew Karate or something.

girl scouts

The Market

Meanwhile, the market was alive and well even though it was a kind of chilly morning. The empanada guy was out! He makes these delicious little treats that you take home and warm up.


And there was a huge assortment of flowers around the stalls. These daffodils were some of my favorites.


I’m not a knitter, but this was some good lookin’ yarn.


And there was gelato which tasted very good even though it was cold out.


The Food

This is probably some people’s definition of Hell, but I loved the rows and rows of brussel sprouts that one stand had set-up. Even if you don’t like to eat them, they would be perfect for, say, throwing at Girl Scouts.

brussel sprouts

And lots of other good fresh veggies were on hand like these leeks.


I picked up some watercress for a quick salad I made for dinner that night (recipe another day).


And these scarlet turnips were some of the prettiest turnips I’ve seen. If you can call a turnip pretty…


One of my favorite stands at the market (The Mushroom Guy) had these awesome variety packs on Sunday. I couldn’t help but grab one of these for dinner (again, recipe later).


If you have a farmer’s market in your area, get out there and get some food. It’s always a good experience to come in contact with food that’s not sitting under fluorescent lighting…

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  1. Oh man, I am SO JEALOUS. Boston doesn’t have a year-round farmer’s market yet (though we are working on it!) so I have to wait until June for local veggies that are easy to come by. Those mushrooms look amazing.

  2. Ooooh, that stuff looks wonderful — and the turnips are beautiful. Gorgeous photos, Nick. The wilds of New Hampshire don’t have farmer’s markets until June either, but the minute they open I’ll be there in a flash. In the meanwhile, I guess it’s fluorescent lighting.

  3. What a wonderful thing you did! I feel like I was there…thanks to your great photos. And liked to read that you ‘played nice’ with the Girl Scouts… :)

    Would have liked to see a photo of you somewhere here. It’s nice to see who’s cookin’ up a storm weekly!

    I got an idea or two here regarding presentation…I’m involved in the Share Our Strength-END CHILDHOOD HUNGER fundraiser. This is the first year for the National Food Bloggers Bake Sale fundraiser. It will involve all states. I will be heading New Jersey.

    Here is info on it if anyone is interested…check out my blog: Baking is my Zen

    Thanks for sharing…I’ve walked away with another idea…to get someone to be the photographer on the day of our bake sale.


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