Cucumber Witch Eyes

Not Very Scary Witch Eyes

A fun and healthy Halloween appetizer with cucumbers, red pepper goat cheese and veggies to make little witch eyes!


Not Very Scary Witch Eyes

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I really try to make somewhat scary appetizers for Halloween. It’s something I enjoy. Like my bloody worms of doom or bat wings. Those were real works of art!

thought these were going to be equally scary.

I had visions of round greens topped with blood-streaked whites and dark pupils. I imagined frightened children.

And then you would be able to pick up a little witch eye and chomp into it. It would be crunchy but also soft. So, you know, eye-like.

These turned out to be way less scary than I imagined, but also somehow more delicious than I imagined. Plus, they are about as easy as a recipe gets. One could argue that it’s barely a recipe at all.

Cucumber Witch Eyes

2 dozen eyes
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Cucumber Witch Eyes
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A fun and healthy Halloween appetizer with cucumbers, red pepper goat cheese and veggies to make little witch eyes!


1 large cucumber, sliced
4 ounces goat cheese
1 small roasted red pepper, sliced thin
Black olives, sliced
Grape tomatoes, sliced
Sea salt


1) Slice red pepper thinly and mash the red pepper into the goat cheese.

2) Wash and slice cucumber. Top each cucumber slice with about a teaspoon sized dollop of goat cheese.

3) Top with tomatoes or olives.

Serve them to people and scare the crap out of them!!!

The Goat Cheese Mix

In my efforts to get streaky eyeballs, I figured I would just slice a roasted red pepper very thin. This worked in that it was easy to mash into the cheese, but didn’t quite have the final look I was going for.

Slice them thin!
Slice them thin!

Once it all got mashed together it kind of turned everything a light orange color.

Like I said though, it’s amazing how good cheese and roasted red pepper can be. You could do worse than stop here and spread this on crackers or something.

All mashed up.
All mashed up.


Keep your cucumbers reasonably thick so they can actually hold some toppings. Nothing too thin or scrawny please.

Cucumber sliced!
Cucumber sliced!

I think olives ended up looking a tiny bit more eye-like, but really any small round veggie would be fine. I liked a mix of tomatoes and olives.

Olives sliced.
Olives sliced.

Then you can slap on an orange photoshop filter and scare the bejesus out of literally nobody.

Cucumber Witch Eyes Appetizer

But seriously though, these were pretty good. I ate more than a few while I laughed at the ridiculousness of trying to make food that looked like eyeballs.

Oh… but if you want to make a really good eyeball, do it in ice cube form. These spooky ice cubes were actually scary.

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