Seaweed Seasoning Recipe

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Seaweed seasoning recipe: This quick to make homemade seasoning mix is savory, salty, and a little spicy! It's good on a ton of stuff, but I really like it on popcorn. Check out the post to learn the secret ingredient!
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Coffee Grinder

My homemade seaweed seasoning recipe with just a few ingredients. Adds a nice savory kick to all kinds of dishes including everything from steak to popcorn!


2-3 full sheets roasted seaweed
1/2 cup wasabi peas
1 teaspoon kosher salt


1) Crunch up seaweed sheets so they fit in the spice grinder. Pulse a few times until in small pieces.

2) Add wasabi peas and salt to the grinder and pulse until it’s in a coarse seasoning mix.

3) Use a fork to pick out any large bits of unground wasabi pea.

Store seasoning mix in an airtight container. Use liberally as a finishing seasoning on foods that need a savory/salty kick.