Recipe Ratings!

starratingThis week I implemented a new feature on Macheesmo. It’s a really simple rating system for recipes!

When you view  any recipe on the site now you’ll see a small section in the sidebar next to recipes that says “Rate this recipe” with a five star sliding scale.

You don’t have to be logged in or comment or anything to rate a recipe. Just simply click on the stars! It will only let you vote once per recipe, but it’s really helpful to me to see how recipes are rated.

The image to the right is an example of how it will look on recipe posts now!

If you happen to be a random recipe lover here on the site, now you can rate them as you randomize them!

As time goes on I’ll be able to pull the most popular posts and feature them or also go back to the lowest rated recipes and improve them to make them more useful!

So, if you happen to be checking out a rating, click a star! It really helps me out.

The Links

Candied Bacon Walnut Ice Cream – I’m definitely one of those people that can eat ice cream all year long. I actually prefer to go to ice cream shots when it’s chilly because there isn’t long lines. Sometimes though I do like a heartier mix during the cooler months. Something like this sounds just fine! (@ Girl vs. Dough)

Spicy Roasted Squash – Squash is totally in right now and you can generally find big bins of gourds for almost nothing in most grocery stores. This recipe uses acorn squash, but I imagine you could sub a pretty big range of gourds and still make this work. (@ How Sweet It Is)

Lemongrass Coconut Spring Rolls – Sometimes recipes can get a bit heavy this time of year and this is the perfect fresh recipe to lighten things up. Photographed by one of my favorite healthy blogs, but inspired by a new cookbook, Green Kitchen Travels. (@ Sprouted Kitchen)

Pretzel Broomstick Appetizers – Really fun and cute appetizers. They look pretty easy to make also assuming you can find the right phyllo dough to wrap around the pretzels! (@ Etsy Blog)

Hope everyone has a great weekend! Randomize a recipe and rate it for me!

Cool Golden stars illustration by Yuliana.

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    1. That’s definitely ideal Matt although there isn’t a follow up or anything so really people can rate on whatever they want. ;)

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