Quick Breakfast Polenta

Serves 2.
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polenta breakfast
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If you like oatmeal for breakfast, you’ll love this. Creamy polenta with all kinds of add-ins makes a great breakfast.


1 Cup Dried polenta
3 Cups liquid (I used just water for my version, but you could use milk or any kind of stock as well)
Pinch of salt and pepper
Toppings a-plenty


1) Add polenta to a medium pot.  Add liquid along with a pinch of salt and pepper.  Most polenta needs 3 cups liquid per cup of polenta, but check your packaging.

2) Bring to a simmer and stir constantly until it begins to thicken.  Make sure it isn’t sticking to the bottom of the pot.  Reduce heat and simmer for 10-15 minutes.

3) When it’s bubbling and the polenta is soft, it’s done.  You can thicken it up more if you want but I like mine a bit runny for this dish.

4) Top with any number of delicious things.