Podcasts of Summer


Podcasts of Summer

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I’ve been a huge podcast fan since the beginning of podcasts and this summer there has been a gold rush of great podcasts.

I have so many I love now that I can basically listen to nothing but podcasts for 5-8 hours per day. It’s totally dorky and totally sweet. I listen to them while I’m cooking and while I’m running or walking the dog!

Here are a few of my favorite podcasts that have come out fairly recently!

  • Mystery Show – This podcast has done one full season and won my heart over pretty quickly thanks to the quirky host, Starlee Kine. It’s sort of like Serial except much less intense and each episode focuses on solving mysteries rather than the series focusing on one large mystery. Ex Episode: Starlee finds out how tall Jake Gyllenhaal is which was surprisingly difficult.
  • The Gist – This podcast has been around for over a year I think but I’ve only listened to it for a few months. My favorite thing about it is the host, Mike Pesca, who is funny and super-duper-smart. Also, it comes out every weekday. Lots of listening!
  • Reply All – This one is all about the Internet, but stays away from most mainstream internet stories. Instead it focuses on strange and odd stories that somehow involve the Internet. The hosts are two dudes who seem like they probably send the best group emails.
  • Invisibilia – This is such a smart podcast. It investigates hidden forces around us everyday and I’m totally in love with it. Season two starts soon I think!
  • Food Blogger Pro – A niche podcast to be sure, but if you run a food blog or want to start one, Bjork just started this podcast where he interviews food blog stars. He knows a thing or a million about running a successful food blog (Pinch of Yum) so his advice is worth its bandwidth.

Fill your ears with smart people!

The Links

Reset Button Meal Plan – I love this little two day meal plan that’s completely plant based. Maybe a good way to get in beach shape this summer! (@ Oh She Glows)

Tomato Salad on Garlic Toast – Wowza this is an impressive plate of food. I guess you could serve it as an appetizer or just hoard it all to yourself like I would do! (@ How Sweet Eats)

Strawberry Plum Jam – I will make jam this year. I will make jam this year. I will make jam this year! There’s a non-zero chance it will be this one. (@ Eat the Love)

Grilled Chili Lime Beer Shrimp – Things on the grill are always good and shrimp are always a fast grilled dinner. This version looks spicy and wonderful. (@ The Beeroness)

Have a great weekend everybody! If you have a good podcast you love, leave a comment with the name!

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