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Podcasts I Love

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After I posted earlier in the week about the Serial Podcast, I got a few emails from readers asking about other podcasts I listen to. I’ve been a huge podcast fan for years and even wrote a list of favorite podcasts almost five years ago! I still listen to some of those podcasts (This American Life and Planet Money).

But, podcasts have really exploded over the last year or two and now I have a huge list of them that I love listening to throughout the week. Here are a few of my favorites!

If you don’t know what a podcast is or how to get these, zip on over to the Serial website which has a great tutorial on how to access them. All of the podcasts on this list are 100% free.

The Sporkful – Believe it or not this is the only food-related podcast I listen to. The host, Dan, is friendly, passionate about food, and dorky. Sound familiar?

TED Radio Hour – I like TED talks but like these condensed versions much more. The podcast groups popular TED talks into categories and then goes further in depth with each presenter.

StartUp – A podcast about starting a new podcast company. It’s meta, but also great.

Reply All – Ok. So the StartUp podcast is about starting a podcasting company and this is the first show produced by that podcasting company. It’s about quirky internet stories and is wonderful to listen to. My only problem with it is that it’s short and only once a week! I need more.

The Gist – This is like a daily news wrap up. I don’t listen to it everyday, but it’s nice to know that it’s there everyday! Hosted by Mike Pesca who is smart and very funny.

Ask Me Another – A fun quiz show!

Stuff You Should Know – Twice a week the hosts walk through a topic, describing it in detail! For example, this week they explained Jim Henson and Online Gambling. Great for the dork in all of us!

There are like 10 other podcasts in my subscription list, but those are my faves at the moment!

The Links

A few delicious recipes that caught my eye this week!

Kale Kabocha Tahini Salad – This looks like such a great winter salad. Fairly easy to toss together and great as a healthy lunch or as a side dish to something more substantial. Make it happen! (@ Kale and Caramel)

Coriander and Chili Marinade – I’m always on the hunt for versatile marinades to spice up meals. This one looks like I could slather it on any number of things from chicken to salmon to vegetables. Much love. (@ Greedy Gourmet)

Meat Broths and Stocks – I’m a big fan of any sort of homemade stock or broth. To be honest though, I’ve fallen off the bandwagon a bit on this the last year or so and haven’t made much of my own. This piece reminded me that it really is worth the time and generally cheap to make since most broth is made from scraps! (@ Ruhlman)

Pomegranate Whiskey Sour – Pomegranates are in season and bourbon is always in season! Smash them together and you have something I would drink more than one of. (@ Chasing Delicious)

Have a great weekend everybody. I’ll be busy trying every old wive’s tale under the sun to help Betsy have a baby (3 days overdue and counting).

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I recently posted my favorite podcasts on my blog as well, and received a ton of great recommendations from readers in the comments section. I haven’t dug into most of these, so I added a handful of them to my ever-growing list.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I jumped on the Serial bandwagon, and after I finished, I haven’t ventured out and tried any others because I was undereducated and didn’t know what else was out there and how to find more. I’m subscribed to some listed above and trying them out now!!

  3. I’ve yet to jump on the podcast bandwagon, but I have a feeling that with the long, cold days of winter upon us, I’ll finally have some time to listen in. Great suggestions! And good luck getting that baby out of there, I bet you guys are so ready to have him/her here!

  4. Love Ted Radio Hour…I don’t listen to many podcasts, need to get more into it, particularly for news.

    Any news on the baby front? I keep checking Facebook and Instagram every once in a while hoping for news!

  5. I was just about to look up Serial when I saw this on Facebook. Thanx for posting. Any news on the baby? Today is my daughter’s birthday. She was scheduled to arrive on January 5th but took an extended 5 day vacation before deciding to be born. Waiting to hear:)

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