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Plumb Dumb

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We got very lucky with our house. It’s old (built 1892), but has great bones and the people who lived here before us were meticulous with maintenance and upkeep. Everything is in reasonably good shape and we can hopefully keep it that way!

But that’s not to say there aren’t issues. One of the big issues is some plumbing work that needs to be done in the basement. The last time plumbing work was done, the plumber didn’t use the correct connections between pipes and now a few connections are slowly corroding. Could I pay a plumber to come in a fix it? Sure.

But, I’m cocky so I’m going to try to fix it myself even though I’ve never done any sort of plumbing work in my life. Fitting copper joints? Soldering connections? What could go wrong?!

Wish me luck….

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No Knead Breadsticks – I love making no knead bread and still make at least a loaf a month although I used to make it almost weekly. I love the look on these big breadsticks. (@ Not Derby Pie)

Low Sugar Spiced Peach Jam – Personally, I like my jam pretty sweet but since peaches are so ripe and perfect right now you can easily cut back on the sugar and use some spice to make it nice. (@ Food In Jars)

Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Tarts – The serving size on these tarts is 4, or 2 (obnoxiously) or in my case one because hell if I’m sharing. (@ How Sweet It is)

Zingerman’s Black Magic Brownies – These are exactly what I want in a brownie. For starters, they are wallet-sized. That’s the appropriate brownie size in my mind. (@ Brown Eyed Baker)

Perfect plumbing photo by Nik Stanbridge.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. If you need me, I’ll be hopefully turning the water back on.

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  1. We’re actually trying to get a contract on a 1930 home in Morrison/Confier area right now. It was recently super updated-ish and has updated plumbing and electrical…but you never know how that goes. We’re hoping it’s in okay shape because we are NOT handy. But man…the privacy and the smell of the mountains so close to Denver is AMAZING.

    1. That’s awesome Cori. One thing that eased my mind a bit about buying an old house is our inspector told us that many new houses have MORE problems. Old houses were built with care if it has been there for 100 years, it’ll probably be there for 100 more. If it has updated systems then that’s a great sign. Of course, there is always stuff to fix but don’t worry. You’ll get handy. I’ve learned SO much in the last six months just by fiddling around and watching youtube videos and stuff. :)

  2. 1892… our house was already 90 years old! I can remember thinking that my parents’ 1970s house was “old.” Its crazy when you start to think on it. Best of luck on your plumbing. Last time I had some minor plumbing repairs to do I found some no solder, “sharkbite” connectors that work on copper pipes.

  3. You should be OK. Sweating a copper joint isn’t a major big deal (and you can probably even do it with a creme brulee torch I suspect you already own). DO buy the cleaner/scourer thingy for the copper pipes, though – you will not get a good bond without it.

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