This is Pinteresting…


This is Pinteresting…

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There’s this little website, maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s called Pinterest.

Ok. I know you’ve probably heard of it because you are on the Internet and everybody on the Internet knows about Pinterest.

Here’s the thing though, I’ve never used it. I knew it was a big deal and I knew that people loved it. But, I just never really got around to trying it or to figuring out how to use it in my day.

That all changed this week and I took the Pinterest Plunge. To be honest, it’s overwhelming.

That said, it’s pretty fun and is actually a great way to organize my thoughts and recipes. Also, it seems like the site doesn’t have a lot of dude bloggers on it (or I just haven’t found them yet).

So, if you happen to be a Pinterest user, let’s connect! You can check out my small, but growing profile below!

Visit Nick Evans’s profile on Pinterest.


There is a monthly sponsor for Macheesmo this month. The sponsor is Salt Revolution. They make wonderful, gourmet sea salts that you can easily pinch over dishes to finish them or use in cooking. They make a really fantastic product and I’ve been using it for a month or so now.

You can get 50% off  their Gourmet Sea Salt by using the code MACHSALT during checkout.


The Links

The “Kale”sadilla – This is something that Betsy and I actually make regularly. It’s not always kale, but we will frequently chop up whatever greens we have in the fridge and make ‘dillas out of them. So good and quick. (@ Simply Recipes)

Pickled Green Tomatoes – Maybe you can snag some green tomatoes, those unripened gems, in these last days of summer (ok. I know. It’s fall now). If you can though, this is a great way to store them. (@ Love and Olive Oil)

Sheet Pizza that Might Be Focaccia – Ok. I actually think this is definitely focaccia, but the line between pizza and focaccia is pretty blurry anyway so whatever. The point is that it looks good. Oh those brown, crunchy edges. I live for those. (@ Amateur Gourmet)

Vegan Spinach Dip – Ok. We all know that I’m pretty far from vegan, but I regularly feed vegans so I always keep a few quick tricks up my sleeve. You better believe I’ll be making this the next time I’m hosting a dinner party. (@ No Recipes)

Have a great weekend everyone! If you need me, I’ll be pinning all of the pins ever pinned.

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  1. I might be the biggest food photo hoarder of them all. I LOVE Pinterest. And I have actually made a lot of the recipes I’ve pinned. I don’t just hoard, I eat. :)

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