Photography Verdict


Photography Verdict

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A few months ago when I announced that Bets and I were expecting a baby, I mentioned that our biggest disagreement so far was on photos. I wanted to take newborn/baby photos myself and Betsy wanted to pay for them.

This turned out to be a fairly heated debate and many of the comments on the post actually started to sway me to the HIRE camp.

I figured the only way to know for sure is to try it out. So, I recruited a buddy who has a young boy (6 mo. at the time) and we had a little photo shoot one day. It was super fun and I got some good photos. Probably nothing quite PRO level, but at the same time the photos had a real, genuine feel to them.

This is one of my favorite shots that show off Sam’s big blue eyes.

So yea… I won the photo debate. You’ll be seeing some Dad-taken photos of baby Nugget in the next few months.

Also, to be fair, Betsy did sort of also win (also known as a compromise). We will occasionally pay for a family shot so we can all be together in the photos!

The Poll

I haven’t done a poll in a while. Next week is COOKIE week here at Macheesmo. I have four delicious cookies planned, but that leaves room for one. Pick an ingredient and I’ll cookie-fy it.

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The Links

Spiced Lentil Soup – During these few weeks between holidays, I love easy and healthy soups like this. Warming and great for any meal. (@ Produce on Parade)

Veg for Breakfast – I sometimes have a hard time getting veggies into breakfast. This is a great reminder that leftover veg can easily be re-purposed. (@ Summer Tomato)

Red Velvet Gooey Butter Cookies – Okay. Enough with the healthy stuff. It’s cookie season. These caught my eye. (@ Recipe Girl)

Great Pomegranate Recipes – I love pom season. I like to break up a few of them and keep the seeds in the fridge and sprinkle them on all kinds of business. (@ HuffPost Taste)

Have a great weekend everybody!

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  1. Great photo of Sam…but how could it not be? Look at the subject! Anyway, don’t forget you could use a tripod and remote and get all of you in the photo.

    1. I know right? He was a pretty good photo buddy for the day. Definitely will try the tripod family shot. Thanks for the comment Vivian!

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