November Food Letter


November Food Letter

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Every month in 2009, I am writing a post detailing some specific things about food in the upcoming month.

I can’t believe it’s already November. This year has really flown by for me. I’m not sure what I’m going to start doing in January instead of food letters. I’ll have to come up with something else for 2010!

What to Eat in November:

sproutsBrussel Sprouts – Sprouts get such a bad rap. Cooked correctly, they are in my top five veggies. No question.

Sprouts with Red Wine Reduction – Crisp up the sprouts in the oven and then toss them in a reduced and flavorful sauce. This is one of my favorite recipes on Macheesmo that gets very little love.
Fresh Pasta with Brussel Sprouts – I’ve never shredded brussel sprouts like this, but seems awesome to me. And can’t go wrong with fresh pasta. (@ TFIMB)
Brussel Sprout Salad with Asian Pear and Bacon VinaigretteThis is a really healthy salad actually and the vinaigrette is packed with flavor (@ Gastronomer’s Guide)
Brussel Sprouts Baaji – An Indian twist on the standard stir-fried brussel sprout dish. Love it. (@ The Well-Seasoned Cook)

Chestnuts – I admit that I’ve never actually cooked with chestnuts. That will change though this month. I guarantee a chestnut recipe sometime in November!

Chestnut-Stuffed Brussel Sprouts – Bonus! Two food letter ingredients in one. Can’t go wrong with this! (@ Lucullian Delights)
Brown Rice with Chestnuts – Great directions on cooking and storing chestnuts and a simple recipe to give them a shot. (@ Local Lemons)
Stir-Fried Shrimp with ChestnutsI can’t wait to try this recipe. Looks quick and delicious. A great weekday November dish. (@ NY Times)
Apple Crumb Cakes with Chestnuts – Apples and chestnuts were made to be together. (@ Pittsburgh Needs Eated)

Turkey – Obviously November is the month of the turkey (if you live in the U.S.) due to Thanksgiving. But there’s a lot of other things you can do with a bird besides overcook it in an oven.

Grilled Turkey and Brie Sandwich – Another recipe with two of this month’s ingredients! Of course, the last two ingredients are almost always eaten together so that’s not too hard. (@ Closet Cooking)
Flatbread with Turkey and Greek Yogurt – I put Greek yogurt on all kinds of stuff. I use it instead of mayo and sour cream so I don’t see why it wouldn’t work great for this recipe! (@ Very Culinary Blog)
Turkey and Spinach-Herb Meatloaf – Sometimes I like to make meatloaf with something other than beef. It’s lighter and definitely healthier so this looks great. (@ Living Tastefully)
Smoked Turkey – Oh if I had a smoker! This would be amazing. Such a different take on the standard. (@ Culinary Sherpas)

Cranberries – Another staple food for November. I love cranberries. They can bring a lot of interesting flavor to a variety of dishes.

Peanut Butter Granola Bars – I made these a while ago and they use dried cranberries, not fresh, but still worth a look and are cranberry packed.
Cinnamon and Cranberry Bagels – I just made some cinnamon raisin bagels using this same recipe and they turned out amazing. (@ Life’s a Feast)
Making Cranberry Juice – This looks really simple actually and is probably better than store bought stuff (@ Kitchen Simplicity)
Cranberry Crumb Bars – More bars, but with fresh cranberries this time! (@ Good Life Eats)

Notable November Holidays – These are just a few holidays to mark on your calendars.

Veteran’s Day (Nov. 11) – This doesn’t have much to do with food, but it’s very important to honor our troops with this day. If you know a Veteran, maybe cook them dinner or something!

Homemade Bread Day (Nov. 17) – The perfect holiday for me! Try some no knead bread or maybe some olive bread.

Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 26) – The big day. It’s really all about food so I don’t really feel a need to link to anything. Roast a turkey, make some mashed potatoes, watch some football. Maybe my favorite holiday.

Day After Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 27) – Yes. The day after Thanksgiving is an official holiday. Ok. Maybe not official official. But official in my mind! Take all those leftovers and make a sandwich or just relive Thanksgiving all over again!

Have a great November everyone!

Photos by Sweetbeetandgreenbean and Muffet.

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  1. You're absolutely right about a properly smoked bird. I love turkeys and bone in turkey breasts when I cook them on the Big Green Egg.

    Brussels sprouts – Make sure to see Greg's post over at Sippity Sup, hilarious.

  2. I made the brussel sprouts w/ red wine reduction a few weeks ago for my anti-veggie boyfriend and he loved it! (it goes without saying that I did too. But I like most veggies so it’s more significant that he liked them).

  3. p.s. we also made the tomato and parmesan bread for the same meal, which he also gobbled up (despite the fact that I made it in the oven without a cast-iron-anything, and used all purpose flour instead of bread flour). The insides turned out wonderfully but the crust was a bit hard, probably due to the last-minute modifications made from lack of supplies.

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