New FREE Ebook!


New FREE Ebook!

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People are constantly asking me for recipes and tips to help get dinner on the table during busy days. It’s by far the question I get the most in email, in comments, and on social media.

Sometimes I post recipes that are super involved and take hours to make. A lot of times that just as a personal challenge and to have some fun in the kitchen. Most nights though, especially during the week, I still cook dinner in under an hour.

So, I wanted to give you all some fresh ideas for dinners (plus I’ve been working on my ebook layout skillzzz). This ebook, 15 Fast Fresh Dinners: Delicious Recipes to Make on Busy Weekdays, is completely free. It has some of my favorite recipes from a variety of sources. If you are a Macheesmo Meals member, you’ll probably recognize a few of them since the meal plans always include fast weeknight dinners.

All you have you to do to grab your copy is subscribe to the Macheesmo Newsletter by clicking the button below! I use the newsletter to send out new recipes and generally send 3-5 emails per week. I try to keep it useful and it won’t jam-up your inbox!

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The Links

Here’s some fun links that caught my eye this week (most with Turkey day implications).

Apple Cinnamon Cranberry Sauce – It’s embarrassing how long I went through life thinking cranberry sauce only came in a can. Make it for real, people. (@ Recipe Girl)

Chorizo Cornbread Stuffing – This recipe has a lot in common with my go-to stuffing recipe. Hard to go wrong with chorizo! (@ Damn Delicious)

Homemade Gravy Walkthrough – In case you need a little step-by-step help in the gravy department, this is a great walkthrough! (@ How Sweet Eats)

The Autumn Bonfire – I’ve been getting into the Sporkful podcast recently and heard this gem of a cocktail on it recently. Making one or two of these next Thursday for sure. (@ Sporkful)

Just Put the F*cking Turkey in the Oven (Video with Sound) – A great reminder to not stress to much over the Thanksgiving feast. After all, has anybody ever had a perfect turkey? It’s pretty hard so just put it in the oven and enjoy the day. (@ Youtube)

Have a great weekend everybody!

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