My Top Ten Tablespoon Posts


My Top Ten Tablespoon Posts

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For almost the last year now, I’ve been contributing a recipe a week to a fun recipe site called Tablespoon.  I work with a handful of other fantastic bloggers to provide original recipes mainly for the section of the site called Taste for Adventure.  We work to give people some kind of out-there ideas to get them inspired and pumped up to get in the kitchen and start cooking.

I really love writing for the site mainly because they give me a lot of freedom to write about whatever I want to write about which is really fun.  Even though it’s technically a General Mills site, I can write about whatever I want for the most part which is great.

I’ve written over fifty posts on the site and I very rarely cross-post my recipes on Tablespoon here on Macheesmo.  That said, I do have a widget in my sidebar that updates with my latest Tablespoon recipes so you can always see what I’m writing about over there.

So, I thought it would be fun to post some of my favorite recipes from the past year that are on Tablespoon.  Some of them are a bit experimental, but all of these ten posts turned out really awesome.

10.  How to Cook in Salt

It might sound a bit crazy to take a $40-$50 cut of beef and encase it completely in salt, but the results of doing it are mindblowingly good.  It makes for a perfectly seasoned beef tenderloin.

9. Buffalo Buffalo Burgers

Buffalo is all the rage these days and with good reason:  It has a really good flavor is pretty healthy for you.  This burger adds buffalo sauce and blue cheese to an already tasty buffalo patty.  Definitely one of my favorite burgers that I made this last year.

8. The Kiss and Tell

Bourbon and apple juice might sound like a really weird combo, but that plus a ginger sugar rim and you have yourself one great fall cocktail.  I still make this for myself on occasion.

7. Buzz Cupcakes

Coffee and chocolate in cupcake form!  How could you go wrong here?!  I think these are perfectly acceptable to eat for breakfast.

6. Avocado Milkshakes

If you think about it, avocados are mostly fat kind of like ice cream, so they blend perfectly together and make a super-light frothy drink.  The most important part of this milkshake is the lemon zest.  It makes the whole thing come alive.

5. Chocolate Frangipane

I hadn’t made too many tarts before I tried this guy out and it surprised me how easy it was to put together even though it looks really complicated because of the layering.  If you ever want to try your hand at a homemade tart, this one is a definite winner.

4. Veggie Burgers That Don’t Suck

I’m not a vegetarian, but a good veggie burger can rival most beef burgers out there.  The trick is making a good veggie burger.  The frozen patties just won’t get it done.  This homemade burger is jam packed with spices and flavor.

3. Pad Thai Egg Rolls

Some people might say it’s ridiculous to make a delicious pad thai dish only to then stuff it inside an egg roll which is a totally valid point.  But if you have leftover pad thai, this is one of the best uses I can think of.

2. Cast Iron Cookie

Perfect for the lazy cookie maker.  Make a good dough, toss it in a cast iron dish, and bake it.  The results are half cookie and half dessert bar, but totally awesome.  Some parts are chewy and delicious while the edges are crispy.

1. Rainbow Cheesecake

My most popular Tablespoon post by far I think.  The important part about this cake is that while the colors are awesome, the cheesecake itself is actually one of the best I’ve ever had.  The recipe makes for a really silky, smooth, and rich cheesecake.  Once you get the hang of layering the colors you can make some crazy cheesecakes.  Orange, black, and white for Halloween.  Green, red, and white for Christmas.  You get the idea.

If you want to check out all the posts I’ve written on Tablespoon, you can find them all on my Tablespoon Profile.

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  1. That cheesecake… is amazing. I feel like making one for every holiday just to play with the pretty colors… in fact everything looks delicious. I'll definitely be making those veggie burgers!

  2. I have a lot of vegetarian hippie friends, so the combination of your veggie burgers and the tie-dyed cheesecake sounds like a good way to impress them, but for my money I'm most impressed by the salt-baked roast. It looks like something I can bust out on date night, maybe even with your cocktail.
    My recent post On being a lazy parent:

  3. Thanks for sharing! All of a sudden I have access to so many more macheesmo recipes, which is awesome. Last night I made the Bourbon Chili you posted on Tablespoon and plan on doing the Veggie Burgers tonight. Yum!

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