My Ten Favorite Tags


My Ten Favorite Tags

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When I redesigned Macheesmo last year, I put on my coding goggles for a page I wanted to make that listed all the recipes by ingredient and/or style. This page wasn’t that hard to make from a coding perspective, but it does require me to enter in every ingredient in each post into what WordPress calls, “Tags.”

This doesn’t take long for each new recipe, but it did take me awhile to go back through all the archives! In fact, I still have some recipes that I need to go through and correct.

That said, this is my favorite page on Macheesmo. I love looking through all the crazy ingredients and foods and being able to click through to see all the recipes that use that ingredient.

Given that this is my favorite page, I thought I’d take a post and list my Ten Favorite Tags from the list. Keep in mind that this list isn’t the ten most popular tags, but my ten favorite ones. There’s some overlap, but not all of my favorites are frequently featured.

10. Italian Food

I think that this tag may not be 100% complete because I’m almost positive that I’ve made more than 30 Italian dishes over the years. But that’s not the point. The point is that these are some of my favorite dishes. I don’t think a week goes by where I don’t make something Italian for dinner.

9. Tacos

There are only 8 entries for tacos. But I think I could post a taco recipe once a week. What’s not to love about tacos? My favorite recipes in the section are the Beef Tongue Tacos and the Tempeh Tacos.

8. Worms

Ok. So there’s only one post in the WORMS tag, but seriously. How many food blogs have a worms tag?

7. Avocados

I’ve always loved avocados, but ever since I’ve been dating Betsy (going on five years), they’ve been a more prominent ingredient in my cooking. They are probably her favorite food in the world so they had to make the list!

6. Lemons

People don’t use enough lemon in food. It’s one of the most varied and wonderful fruits out there. It goes great in savory dishes and sweet dishes. Between the zest and the juice, you can use all most all of it to make your cooking taste better.

5. Paprika

Paprika, in its many forms, is one of my top spices. I add it to anything that I can get away with adding it to. By my calculations, about one of every 18 dishes on Macheesmo has paprika in it.

4. Olive Oil

Ok. So I use olive oil in almost everything I make, but I reserve this tag for dishes that really feature olive oil. It still has almost 40 recipes in it. I go through a lot of olive oil in my kitchen and love it.

3. Bourbon

Besides one of my favorite drinks, bourbon is also great for cooking. It adds great flavor to a BBQ sauce or works well in desserts like tiramisu! The best thing about cooking with bourbon though is that it gives you an excuse to buy bourbon…

2. Pork Butt

People probably expected bacon to make the list for me. It’s true. I do love bacon, but it gets too much press. So I went with pork butt which has just 6 measly posts in it. The thing is though that they are some of my favorite recipes. They are economical, feed a crowd, and very delicious. You gotta get on board the pork butt train!

1. Butter

I tried to find some way that I could not list butter as my #1 tag, but alas, it has to be. I’ve used it in almost 200 recipes and it doesn’t get old! Now keep in mind, I’m not in the Paula Dean camp. I don’t use a ridiculous amount of butter for the shear sake of it. But I do believe in using it when called for. And I never substitute for it.

So there you go. My ten favorite tags on Macheesmo right now!

Check out the tags page and leave a comment if you have a favorite! If you have a favorite ingredient that’s not listed also leave a comment because the list is ever-expanding!

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  1. I agree totally about olive oil, Makers Mark, avocado, and nearly everything else on the list, and I envy your ability to hack code.

    But geez, Nick, I can't look at those worms without gagging. Just don't go frying up any Mexican cucarachas (sp?), okay?

  2. I made some cupcakes yesterday that had 4 sticks of butter in the frosting alone. (It did end up making a lot more frosting than we used, but still. Jeeeeeze!) I'm afraid it would be my #1 as well, if all my recipes weren't just in a box on a shelf.

  3. Well, Nick; I see you have "Makers Mark" bourbon on here as an example of bourbion. This has to be the most underated bourbon of all time. If you haven't already, you MUST take a tour of their facility! It's off the beaten path, but well worth the detour! I will only tell you that their assembly line, at least on the day I was there, had two ladies who were responsible for dipping the caps in the red wax at the end. This was all done by hand! I also got to stick my finger in one of the few huge wooden vats containing the "sour mash" and taste it! It's a VERY small operation, and the taste of the product embodies that fact!

  4. "The best thing about cooking with bourbon though is that it gives you an excuse to buy bourbon." – Classic!

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