My New City Garden


My New City Garden

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One of my goals this year was to get a nice raised garden bed built that I could use for many years. It took me a few weeks to get it built, but it’s finally done! I made it out of cedar so it should be very weather resistant and piped my sprinkler system into it and installed a quick drip line for watering. It’s a small bed so it was pretty easy to do.

The only place I could build the bed is pretty shaded unfortunately so it’ll be interesting to see what grows well. I’m mainly trying shade veggies though. In the future, I’ll probably start from seeds but for this year I got a jump start with a few seedlings.

What I’m planting: Lettuces, kale, spinach, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, and herbs. We’ll see what happens!

It was actually a bit on the expensive side for me to get this all up and running, but maybe it’ll reduce my vegetable bills a bit this summer and it’s also fun to grow things!

The Links

Here are a few links that caught my eye this week.

Farmhouse Salad with Citrus – This is my kind of summer salad. I could easily eat this for dinner by itself or use it as a side salad or a dinner party (maybe without the chicken). Definitely worth making though! (@ Healthy Delicious)

Seared Paneer with Pineapple – Paneer is a very under-used cheese. It doesn’t get melty so skip it for the grilled cheese, but if you cook it correctly it gets this lovely crispy crust on the outside. It’s almost like cheese tofu. This is a ridiculously delicious looking preparation. (@ A Brown Table)

Vietnamese Chicken Salad – I could easily eat some riff on this salad once a week when the weather is warm. I love the fresh herbs and crispy veggies. You could use chicken, grilled steak, or crispy tofu in this bad boy. (@ White on Rice Couple)

Lovage Cocktails – Okay. I’ve never tried lovage. But, I’m headed to the farmer’s market this weekend and I’ll be on the look out. I can’t get over the fact that you can make straws out of the stems. That’s a crazy cocktail hack. (@ Lottie + Doof)

Have a great weekend everybody!

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