Moving to Denver!


Moving to Denver!

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Betsy and I are finally moving to Denver this weekend!  As always, moves are stressful, but we are pretty darn good at it at this point in our lives since we have basically moved every two years for the last eight years.

As you might imagine, my Internet and kitchen situation will be in flux for the next few days so don’t expect too many blog updates!

I have some fun stuff planned for next week though like a cauliflower recipe that will have you not missing French fries and a book giveaway!

The next time I post will be from the Mile High City!

Oh, and if you happen to be reading from Denver, say HI in the comments!

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  1. Welcome to Denver Nick and Betsy!! I think you will love the mile high city- I know I do!! I have enjoyed your blog for several years, the white sangria has become my signature drink- perfect for a backyard get together in the Denver sunshine.

  2. Best of luck in Denver. I’m in Massachusetts. It’s rainy here but sangria might be on order anyway!

  3. Good luck with the move! We will be out there hopefully by end of summer. Maybe Liz will come visit and we can all get together or something!

  4. Welcome to Denver. Hope you love the city as much as we do. If you need any suggestions for grocery, happy hours, etc. just let me know…we have done extensive exploring since we moved here.

      1. Just got back from a road trip to Mt Rushmore, so will put together the list for you and get it to you shortly…

      2. So here is the list of stores:

        You will find for normal shopping the King Soopers/Safeways etc. I actually prefer Sprouts which is a combination of Whole Foods and the large chains. They have some great deals and you find higher quality produce and meats. Not sure if there is one in your neighborhood, the closest to me is on 38th in the Highlands, but worth the drive.

        For high-end quality meats either Marczyk (770 E. 17th Ave.) or Tony’s (950 Broadway) – can’t find much better quality in Denver.

        Spices – there is a Penzy’s in Cherry Creek, but I also like Savory (1537 Platte).

        For wine/liquor Argonaut’s is super. You can sign up for email deals where they let you know their specials, plus they give you points. Best prices in town.

        At you later for happy hours…

      3. Forgot the gem. Pacific Mercantile for everything and anything Asian..

        It is at 19th Street and Lawrence. Aisles of noodles and rices and curries and the only place in town I have found Thai basil (hugh bag for 98 cents).

      4. Awesome! Thanks Jayne. Just drove by Marczyk’s actually. Didn’t have time to stop but it looked really nice.

      5. Get a sandwich at Snarfs! the Cap Hill While Foods is awesome, and don’t miss catching a sunset from the steps of the acropolis at Cheeseman.

  5. Happy moving/unpacking! Enjoy Denver! You should try to meet up with the forkly guys – they are based in Denver.

  6. you have to go to Linger once you get there! I was just in Denver for work and went there and had an amazing meal. Also, Lola for mexican food too.

  7. Sprouts is being built on colfax and trader joes on Colorado blvd. can’t wait. My husband is an attorney as well and when we moved here 5 years ago we too lived by cheeseman park, now in congress park. We love it here! Welcome

  8. Hi, Welcome to Denver! What a fun city for a couple of lovers. You guys probably know about all the cool stuff to do or visit in Denver but a couple of things you must do are all right around you.

    1. Red Rocks, go catch your favorite band.

    2. Botanical Gardens, check it out they definitely have free days.

    3 The Science and nature museum has got some neat stuff.

    4. Garden of the Gods just minutes from the city you can escape the traffic lights for a day.

    5. And yes my favorite spot of all time is downtown at the 16th st mall, have a beer and do some sight seeing one evening. What a great way to get mingled in.

    Enjoy and best of luck!!!!

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