Merry Christmas!

Just a short post today to say Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is where they want to be for the holidays.

As a quick Macheesmo “present” I thought I would list some of the most popular Macheesmo posts so far this year coupled with some of my personal favorites.

Most Popular:

1) Mini Pizza Party

2) Bruschetta Brunch

3) Good Day Sir Crunchy

4) The Veggie Slider

5) Holy Guacamole!

Most Commented:

1) Mini Pizza Party

2) 10 Essential Kitchen Tools

3) Mr. Marquis’s Marvelous Stuffing

4) Friggin’ Fig Breakfast Sandwich

5) Eat Your Intestines Out!

My Favorites not Already Mentioned:

A Proper Pie

Kind of Cool Ranch Doritos

The Perfect Pomegranate Salad

Dr. Macheesmo’s Chicken Noodle Soup

What’s Wrong With What We Eat

Best wishes to everyone and thanks for reading. This website has been really great for me so far and I have all of my readers to thank.


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