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Let’s Eat Better Together

This 4 SEASON Meal Plan Bundle
includes EIGHT full meal plans for EACH SEASON (32 full meal plans and over 120 recipes).

Each meal plan has three easy weekday dinners and bonus recipes like lunches, breakfasts, and snacks.

Includes weekly shopping lists to make planning easier.

Meal plans include vegetarian alternatives for most meals if necessary.

Purchasers receive Priority email responses from me.


I love the format of the meal plan. It is very easy to read and provides all the info that should be necessary. Keep up the good work!

Justin R.

The biggest thing I appreciate is the shopping list because we tend to be on auto pilot at the store/market and get the same thing every time. This is such a fun way to mix things up!

Maeve G.

The recipes look great and it’s nice to have someone make a week’s grocery list for me!

Jamey L.

Some Example Pages From A Meal Plan Bundle!

Without a Plan,
Cooking is Confusing

Ironically, actually cooking isn’t always the biggest hurdle for people. Planning out what to cook for an entire week is the trouble.

Each meal plan has three dinners plus bonus recipes. These meals are made with seasonal, fresh ingredients in mind.

Save Time & Money

The meal plans in these bundles are for busy people. Each one is designed for weeknight dinners and rarely will a recipe take longer than an hour and most will be in the 30-45 minute range.

Macheesmo Meals will give you the shopping lists for the meals.

You just need to print out the list, check it for stuff you may already have, add any extra stuff you need to the list, and you’re on your way to the store.

What's the Format of the Meal Plans?

The meal plans are delivered in a formatted PDF that is viewable on a computer, a tablet, or a smart phone.

Because of the format of the book, you can easily zoom in and out, hyperlink throughout the ebook, flip orientation, and access it anywhere.

On your computer, the meal plan bundle will download to your downloads folder. When using an ipad, it will open in Safari and you can easily save it to iBooks.

The Macheesmo Meals 100% Guarantee: “I'm a Human Being”

Satisfation Guaranteed!

This is really important:

If you purchase a meal plan bundle and you are unhappy with the recipes for some reason, send me an email within 30 days and I’ll send you a refund.

If you aren’t happy with the meal plans for any reason, you’ll get a refund. No questions asked.

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