Garlic Confit

60-80 cloves
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Garlic Confit Recipe
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This simple step by step guide shows you how to make Garlic Confit. This stuff will rock your world and ward off any vampires in the area!


6 large heads garlic, peeled
2 cups olive oil


1) Separate cloves from garlic heads, removing as much paper as possible from the cloves.

2) Boil the cloves in rapidly boiling water for 20 seconds. Then transfer cloves to cold water to stop the cooking.

3) Cut off the root ends from each clove and peel each clove. The outer layer should pop off easily.

4) Place peeled cloves in a small pot and cover cloves with olive oil.

5) Gently cook cloves over low heat in oil. Never let the oil get above 210 degrees F. Try to keep it around that temperature for 40 minutes.

6) Remove garlic from heat and let cool in the oil for 20 minutes until oil is almost room temperature.

7) Use cloves immediately or store in an airtight container in the fridge for weeks.