Made with Real Cream!


Made with Real Cream!

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Welcome to the latest edition of Guess the Food, the online game show where I give you ingredients and you (typically very quickly) tell me what the food is! Yay! Let’s play!

This food is a very common one, but I had never really noticed that the main marketing message on the front of the package is “MADE WITH REAL CREAM.” I guess I didn’t even know FAKE CREAM was a thing.

But I guess maybe using real food is a perk these days, right?

Okay, let’s dive in!


I would describe this as a luxury food. Not something you want to eat everyday probably, but I must admit I like it on occasion, especially in the winter.

I was shocked to see seven servings in this jar, as it wasn’t very big. I’m sure I’ve eaten like 4 servings of this stuff by myself before. Turning to the nutrition info, it has a lot of double digit percentages, usually a bad sign for me. And, none of them are in the positive categories (fiber, protein).

So this is definitely a thing that would require a salad on the side in my book. Let’s see where this breakdown comes from!


Okay, in order of most used, by volume:

Water – Good old H2O! I’m surprised the label didn’t say, “Made with REAL WATER!”

Cream – There it is. Ingredient two. So this is essentially watered down cream. Word.

Butter – More cream but in solid state. Delicious.

Parmesan Cheese – More dairy but in an a more solid state! Intriguing.

Soybean Oil – Definitely not dairy. Used to thicken things generally.

Modified Corn Starch – A big time thickener. So water it down and then thicken it. Got it.

Enzyme Modified Egg Yolk – I believe this process ensures the egg yolk is good to go at room temperature.

Sherry Wine – You could’ve asked me to name 400 ingredients in this food and I would’ve never got to this one. But there ya go.

Romano Cheese – Sweet. More cheese!

Salt – Gotta have it.

Whey – The leftovers from cheese. Lotsa dairy!

Yeast Extract – Gives some umami savory flavors to this.

Disodium Phosphate – Used to provent coagulation and control the PH of foods.

Xanthan Gum – More thickeners!

Garlic Powder – Yum!

Spices – Vague. But yum!

Natural Flavors – Even more vague, but flavorful!

Guess the Food?!

Okay. That’s it! Can you GUESS THE FOOD? Leave a comment!

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  1. Alfredo Sauce!!!! I am doing Keto so I feel like I have been staring at the back of Alfredo sauce jars for the last couple weeks trying to find the cleanest one!

  2. I printed this out (from I don’t remember where) in Feb. 2005:
    Da Alfredp Imperator
    Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 30

    This is the real deal. It’s the place that invented and still serves the original fettuccine Alfredo, which is nothing like what Americans think it is. Most unfortunately, however, the famous pasta dish, popularized in America by Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, who, legend has it, ate it on their Roman honeymoon and went home raving, is the only thing worth eating here. The rest of the menu is not only execrable, but insanely overpriced. Do go for the pasta show, though. Your waiter will bring out a platter of fine egg pasta heavily cloaked in grated Parmegiano-Reggiano and already dressed with more butter than you care to consider. He will toss and turn it all before your eyes, showing off his toss and turning skill as much as possible, and serve it up still miraculously hot. Note: There is no cream in the real thing, although the amalgamation of butter, some pasta cooking water, and makes you think so. The grand, moderne dining room in a Fascist-era building is adorned with pictures of many of the celebrities who have dined here. The clientele is mostly foreign, as Romans dismiss this restaurant as a tourist trap. You won’t feel taken, however, if you come only for the pasta. Very expensive.

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