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Ready and Waiting


Ready and Waiting

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While most people are getting ready for holiday parties, here at the Macheesmo house we are getting ready for a baby.

If all things go according to plan, we’ll be growing our family a bit in the next few weeks and we figured it would be a good idea to have a place to put the new one.

We just put the finishing touches on the room last week and it turned out really cute so I thought I would share some photos of the room along with some of the strategies and advice we took.

The first thing we learned about preparing a nursery is there is no shortage of advice on how to prepare a nursery. Here are two little tidbits that we heard more than once:

Nursery Advice #1: Don’t spend much time or money on it. The baby doesn’t know and just needs a place to sleep. Spend your resources elsewhere.

Nursery Advice #2: Make the nursery a sanctuary for you and your baby! You’ll be spending stressful nights in there so you want it to be as comfortable  and soothing as possible.

We tried very hard to strike a middle ground with our nursery. I think we succeeded!

The Business Table

Besides a crib, we figured having some sort of central command for baby changing was important. Rather than buy a whole separate area for it though, we just setup the top of a large dresser for baby changing needs.

The dresser was a bit pricy (from Ikea) but other than that this section was pretty limited. The shelving was free (got it from a friend), the streamer things were literally $1 and are just kind of fun.

changing table.
The business section.

We do have an entire drawer of little wipes and swaddles.

I can’t wait to make baby burritos.

Swaddles Galore.
Swaddles Galore.

And then we have a little drawer which Betsy smartly divided into little bins for what I believe is the smallest clothing I’ve ever seen.

It’s amazing to me that we are about to have a child that can fit in these little things.

We don’t have much clothing yet I think, in part, because we don’t know the sex. I expect we will get a surge of dresses and/or cowboy boots once we know the deal there.

The tiniest things.
The tiniest things.

Bets found this cute little screen print that fits nicely on the dresser also.

Mountains of poop.
Mountains of poop.

Command Headquarters

Next to the crib we also have a tall bookcase with some toys and books and stuff. It is also command central for various supplies including:

A Humidifier. Our house gets pretty dry in the winter so this will be good.

A Video Monitor. I went back and forth on whether or not we needed this and I think the short answer is NO. We don’t. Our house is small enough that if a baby cries, you can hear it anywhere in the house. But I like technology so I’ll be damned if I can’t watch my new baby nap in color.

White Noise Machine. Our house isn’t exactly quiet. We figured a white noise setup might be good.

Command HQ.
Command HQ.

Where we Saved Money

We tried to strike a balance here and actually found some great ways to save money in this room. Here’s a rundown of some of the tricks we used:

Toy Chest – I stole my old toy chest from my mom. I just painted it a bright color and it looks as good as new! We also got a bunch of old toys like these dolls. The lamb and the bear I’ve had since I was a kid and the corduroy lion was too cute to not buy.

Rocking Chair – We snagged an old rocking chair from my family and just gave it a little TLC. My mom made comfy pillows for it and I think it will work for rocking the baby. If it’s not comfortable, we might upgrade to a more plush glider chair, but we are going to try it since the price was right!

Function not Fancy!
Function not Fancy!

White Noise Machine – Instead of buying a new white noise machine, I rigged up an old iphone (an iphone 2 which somehow still runs) and a cheap speaker system. I just put one 10 minute white noise track on the phone and had it loop. When you turn it on it just plays that one track. Free white noise!

Used Books – We wanted a lot of books so if people said that they wanted to get us some books, we pointed them toward the used section on Amazon. You can find lots of used books there for cheap.


Where We Splurged

While we tried to be realistic, we also splurged on some areas… not all of which were necessary. It’s okay if you acknowledge it, right?!

Bedding – We didn’t buy the most expensive crib in the world, but we bought a nice one that had no toxins or fire retardants and was made with real wood. We also splurged on a few nice organic cotton sheet sets. Baby is gonna be sleeping plush.

Rug – My favorite part of the room is the rug. Was it expensive? Yes. Was it unnecessary? Yes. Do I love it? Yes.

Hopefully we will be able to use both the bed/crib and the rug for many years!

Bed Time.
Bed Time.

Artwork – It turns out your baby really doesn’t care if you have crap on the walls. This is what I hear anyway. So really the artwork is for the parents I guess. Betsy found all the cute prints on this Etsy shop.

I can just see it now: It’s the middle of the night and I’m trying to soothe a baby by learning shapes and letters! The baby will most likely respond via projectile vomit.

Unnecessary but cute!
Unnecessary but cute!

It’s Cozy

The thing I learned from piecing together the nursery is to listen to advice from parents. But, at the same time, you have to make it fit your lifestyle.

For us, that was making sure that the baby (and us) have a cozy room to chill in without completely exhausting the baby’s future college fund. (Sorry kid, no college for you… but you do have this Louis Vuitton diaper dispenser!)

The room has immediately passed the cozy test. Porter naps there for a few hours a day now.

I’m not sure if he thinks it’s his room or if he’s just waiting for his new best friend.

The big buddy.
The big buddy.

Now all that’s left is the waiting…

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  1. There is an app that will make different white noise (our 4 mo prefers the air conditioner noise). I would highly suggest that, it doesn’t end and will let you choose the type of white noise.

      1. There’s also a great free white noise app called sleep pillow. It has a timer too. The nursery looks fantastic! So excited for you both! xo

      2. Sound sleeper is AMAZING because you play things like shushes which are more natural – I relied on it a lot. You get 30 minutes or sounds for free at a time or can upgrade for unlimited.

  2. Looks wonderful- a perfectly cozy, balanced space! Do you mind if I ask what kind of crib you went with? (We’re excepting too! Though, ours isn’t due until the summer)

    1. Oh sure! We went with the Baby Mod ParkLane 3-in-1 convertible model. It’s sturdy (although a complete disaster to put together. The instructions are terribly written.) We liked it because it had storage drawers underneath, has a non-toxic finish, and is made with real wood (heavy). If you have time and can shop around you can find it for 200-250 range.

      1. If you plan on using it as a convertable in the future I have two HUGE recommendations.
        First, put the instructions and extra pieces in a drawer somewhere where they won’t get trashed, lost or thrown away and LABEL THEM.

        Secondly, much much earlier then you think you’ll need it, get some of the teething bars to clip on the top of the crib. I spent a bundle on my convertible crib. It looks awful now thanks to my little girls chewing on it like little woodchucks when they were teething. Seriously. It looks like they were trying to chew to freedom.

      2. I second this. My convertible crib is going in the trash right after the toddler bed portion is done, because my first also chewed like mad, and I’m sure the second will too once he can really pull himself up good (and he’s almost there!) Oddly in horses they even call it “cribbing”… ;-)

  3. We are in the same boat (and due in early Feb). We’ve tried to strike a balance and keep things within our means while also allowing ourselves to go a little overboard with other things. We got a really nice hand-me-down crib and dresser for free (newer model still within safety guidelines) and were very generously gifted a new glider. However, we spent a decent chunk of money on custom wall decals from Etsy as well as some other new things that were exciting for us to buy. Thanks for sharing your nursery!

  4. When I was born, my mom wanted to be sure that I could handle noise and that nothing would interfere with my sleeping. She thought it was unnecessary to have to tiptoe around because the baby was sleeping. That was 65 years ago…yikes. She said she turned on and turned up the radio and that I could sleep through a train wreck inside the bedroom when she was finished. I still sleep like a log and noise doesn’t seem to bother my sleep. I guess it worked really well. I’m glad you splurged on things that you love. That rug is amazing–where did you find it? I hope that baby’s arrival is swift and safe.

    1. Ha! I totally missed that training Pamela. I’m the lightest sleeper ever. A pin drop wakes me up so yea… I probably won’t be sleeping much the next few months. haha.
      Rug is from Land of Nod! :)

      1. we have white noise playing softly in my girls rooms (I have a 4 and 1 year old) and have had it going since the day I brought them home. We have a small MP3 player with a selection of Rock-a-bye Baby Music. It’s pretty great if you are a music lover, it’s modern music done in lullabye style. They love it.

        We also have a teeny house and we don’t tiptoe around either. 3 cats, a Labrador and 2 kids, it’s NEVER quiet. I would recommend not worrying about being too quiet during nap times.

        My little one slept through us sitting at a pub during the U.S. Games during the World Cup like a trooper.

  5. Just absolutely love it! And all of the love and creativity that went into it! Best of luck you three in the next few weeks!!

  6. You’ll be surprised how much of this you do and don’t use ;) And how much ‘sage’ advice is on the internets about allllll the things. Do what works for you guys, by golly! We upgraded to a video monitor when our daughter was about 6 months old. I certainly love watching her sleep!

    Where did Betsy find that ‘Kid, You’ll move mountains’ print?

  7. I know you think your video monitor is not a “must”, but speaking from experience, I am so happy that we have it! Sometimes my baby is still asleep but makes noises like she is awake! I’m so glad for the video feed so I can see she is still sleeping! The nursery is darling! Good luck with the new little one and I hope that everyone is healthy!

      1. Plus it’s fun when they get older to just watch them bop around in their crib on their own and see what they do when left to their own devices.

  8. Adorbs!! I am really hurt that I didn’t get a shout out for subsidizing the fancy organic sheet though. :) We also have a non-toxic/real wood crib from Baby Letto and I love it! Extra bonus – it was not hard to put together at all.

  9. The nursery is fun but cozy! I think you and Betsy struck the comfortable middle ground with providing baby a place to sleep and making it beautiful and soothing. Congrats!!!

  10. You and Betsy did a wonderful job decorating your command center…and, yes, there will be a lot of commands/demands coming from that room. Enjoy every moment! I blinked, and my babies are 43 and 39 years old!

  11. Nice job,great colors and moving objects to focus upon, but I do have one ?. Is Betsy going to breast feed? If so, she might want a travel crib to put next to her side of the bed for convenience.

  12. It is all about finding your own priorities as you invest is things for your growing family. My wife and I have loved having a top of the line stroller. Splurging on the stuff you think is important is so gratifying!

      1. Definitely worth the splurge. But I do miss the snap and go!! So compact and lots of storage space. Great for city living.

  13. Wonderful – and babies notice contrast and bright colors so your alphabet pictures will get a workout soon enough.
    Just be sure to take any help you can get!
    Seriously. I mean it.

  14. So excited for you both! Nursery looks great:). The advice from parents (and everyone else under the sun) doesn’t stop after the baby comes either! Just a heads up…

  15. A good feeding pillow and a good tv series up and ready to go. With the late night feedings I would get her settled, get my iPad rolling with an episode and rock it out.
    Oh, and make sure your wife has lots of grab and go snacks if she will be BF. She will be ravenous the first few weeks, and yet have no time or energy to eat. Nature has a sense of humor like that.

  16. Very adorable. We utilized a lot of Ikea but I’ll say that te ikea crib isn’t worth it (for anyone considering). My parents got one for when we visit and it’s SO low it’s hard to move a sleeping or drowsy child. Or be less than 5’7 and not strain.

    Also I don’t know many newborns that sleep in cribs. Most people I know have amazing primed a rock and play! Mine slept in my arms in the glider for 3 months. I wish I’d had an arms reach Cosleeper! The number of hours spend nursing – try a few chairs just in case. Mine took 15 weeks to come in! But the price was worth it. My son is almost 15 months and I still sleep in it way too much.

    Finally, monitors – dropcams are the most amazing thing ever. If anyone is looking for a monitor, dropcam is the best. And great customer service to boot.

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