The Last of Summer

This delicious meal plan was posted on , by Nick

It’s not technically the end of summer, but you can start to feel the shift in the temperature already and I’m starting to see some changes in what’s at the markets and stores. Corn and zucchini are starting to take a back seat to gourds and peppers. In other words, it’s almost fall.

This is sort of a last ditch effort of a meal plan to use the fresh vegetables available. You should still be able to find this stuff ripe and cheap at the moment. If you try again in 3 weeks, it might be a different story!

This week’s meal plan includes:

  • Busted Cherry Tomato Pasta
  • Yam and Pinto Bean ‘Dillas with Corn Salsa
  • Cold-Marinated Sirloin Rice Bowls
  • Juicy Tomato Breakfast Sandwiches

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Meal Plan!

Any Questions?

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Admin note: There will not be a new meal plan next week, but I’ll be back with a great fall plan the week after!