Labor Day Weekend!


Labor Day Weekend!

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My mom and step-dad are coming to visit for the holiday weekend. It’s going to be great to see them and they are much more handy than we are so we are also putting them to work a bit on the house. It won’t be all work though. We’ll get some relaxing time in also.

One thing I think we will definitely try to avoid is the Taste of Colorado festival in downtown Denver. Betsy and I have been to it the last two years and I think it’s just gotten too big for its britches. It’s overrun with people and the food tends to be mostly overpriced state fair food. Even though it’s free, I think we’ll take a pass on that this year!

I hope you all have something relaxing and fun planned for the holiday weekend!

The Links

No poll this week, but here are some great links and recipes from around the web!

Charred Shishito or Padron Peppers – I’ve made charred shishito peppers before but I actually never though how similar they are to Padron peppers. Here’s a fun alternative! (@ Sippity Sup)

Milk Stout Mac and Cheese – A local Colorado brewery called Left Hand Brewery makes one of my favorite dark beers, a milk stout. You can even find it on nitrous in some places if you are lucky. It’s out of this world and would be so good in this recipe. (@ Chasing Delicious)

Balsamic Eggs with Peach Salad – I’ve been on a total peach tear this week. I just can’t eat enough of the suckers! This recipe caught my eye though because of the egg. I love the idea of an over-easy egg with some balsamic drizzled all over. (@ Turntable Kitchen)

4 Cuts of Steak – It’s amazing to me how many serious meat eaters don’t know the difference between steak cuts and when you should be using what. This is a great little walkthrough. As far as grilling and eating goes, my preference is always on the T-Bone! (@ The Kitchn)

Cool Denver photo by Flasshe.

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