Kitchen Project Update


Kitchen Project Update

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When we bought our new house a few months ago, I loved the space in the kitchen, but wasn’t too thrilled with the colors. It’s not that they were bad, but they just weren’t our style.

I thought it looked really dark and the bars on the windows made me feel like I was cooking in a prison cell (plus they had no quick release so they were actually more of a danger than a help).

Finally, last weekend I finished off the last part of the things we wanted to do the kitchen. In total, we sanded and painted all the trim, painted the walls, re-caulked the windows and trim, and finally removed those bars!

It turns out security bars are, well, secure. I tried every drill bit and trick in Home Depot and finally just went with brute force to remove them. I borrowed a friend’s angle grinder and just cut the darn things off. This was fun and only slightly scary.

Anyway, I really love the space now (even with the electric stove which is a much larger project to replace).

The Links

No poll this week, but here’s some fun links from around the Interweb.

Hot Mess Dip – Oh this dip… how I want it. I can imagine chilling outside with a big baked dish of it, some crusty bread, a few beers, and nowhere to go. (@ White on Rice Couple)

Copycat Crunch Wrap – I’m not a huge fast food fan, so I’m always into making their stuff at home. My buddy Dan did a nice re-make of this new creation. (@ Tablespoon)

Coriander Chicken – Coriander (or cilantro if you’re using the leaves) is a divisive spice. To some people it tastes like soup, but to others (like me) it tastes like awesome sauce. So, I like this recipe very much. (@ PBS Food)

17 Ways to Use Strawberries – Not that you necessarily need other ways besides just eating them out of the carton… if you do want some fun ways to use seasonal strawberries, here’s a great list. (@ The Kitchn)

Have a great weekend everyone! If you need me, I’ll be NOT doing home projects.

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  1. In Florida we call that “decorative grillwork”, just make sure the key is handy to make a quick escape, but from what you said, it looks like the bars are keeping you in not keeping people out. Good luck with your projects, remember patience is a virtue, lol :)

  2. We put a contract on an all electric house, and I was wondering if one of those conduction stoves would be any good. Is that what you have? We have the standard glass cooktop kind now (which is a royal bitch to keep clean!) and I hate it, but I also am not a fan of the old school coils (which are exceptionally ugly). I was hoping that the conduction ones would be easier to clean and thought you might know.

    Haha on the bars! Glad you finally got them off of there, and I find it interesting that you went with obscure glass for the window. We have that in the bathroom (and I will be doing it in the new house’s bathroom ASAP), and I’ve considered it for the bedrooms, but I’d never thought of it in the kitchen. Of course, ours have always overlooked a backyard, and with kiddos….

  3. Wow, I am soooooooooooo envious that you are doing a redo of sorts on your kitchen. I would love to do that to mine. It’s one of my fantasies.
    Boy Howdy I am with you with the bars on the window!
    Congrats. Lots of work, but for a wonderful reason.

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