Sticky Rice with Calamari

Serves 2
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Homemade sticky rice (it’s easy) and quick seared calamari for a fast and delicious dinner!


Basic Sticky Rice

1 1/2 Cups sticky rice
1 Cup Coconut milk
1 Tablespoon soy sauce

Calamari and Kale Stir Fry:

1/2 pound calamari, cleaned
1 bunch kale, try to pick one with smaller leaves
1-2 red chiles depending on your desired heat
1 clove garlic
2 Tablespoons olive oil
A few carrots (optional)


1) For best sticky rice, rinse it well with cold water and soak it overnight.

2) Take your soaked rice the next day and pour it through a section of cheesecloth. Tie it up into a tight ball and put it in your steamer. Steam the rice for 30-40 minutes. Keep a close eye on the water level in your steamer to make sure it doesn’t get too low.

3) Prep your stir-fry ingredients while the rice steams. For the kale, slice out the large stems and chop it into pieces. Cut the calamari into rings and halve the tentacles. Also, dice up your chiles, garlic, and any other ingredients you need. This all cooks really fast, so you want to make sure you have all of your ingredients prepped.

4) On the rice, add the coconut milk and soy sauce while keeping the rice in the cheesecloth. Kind of roll the rice around to get it all covered and mixed in. Wrap up your rice again and return it to the steamer on low to basically stay warm. It should be done cooking though.

5) For the stir-fry Saute the peppers and garlic for about a minute over high heat with a drizzle of oil.

6) Then add your kale. Saute for probably three minutes until the kale turns really green.

7) Then add your calamari and cook for about two more minutes until the little squids turn opaque and barely firm.

8) Take them off the heat right away.

Then it is as simple as putting a heaping serving of your sort of sticky rice down and topping it with your stir fry.