Introducing BUTCHERY: Your Food – Delivered


Introducing BUTCHERY: Your Food – Delivered

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Food delivery companies are all the rage these days. You can get full meals delivered to your door or any phase of any meal that you want. If you want to cook some, there are dozens of companies that will supply you with the ingredients. All you have to do is follow their recipe and dinner is done!

But what if you wanted to go a step further? What if there was a way to ensure you only received the freshest and most high quality ingredients?

Well, that’s why I’ve partnered with a new company called BUTCHERY!

When you subscribe to Butchery, they will work with you to deliver real live animals to your door! It’s kind of on you at that point.

It’s a great way to get a little closer to your food source, something we are all trying to do, and ensure you are getting only the freshest quality ingredients!

Check out the full plans below and be sure to sign up using this custom link!!


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  1. Ha! Ha! Happy April Fools (and Happy Easter also). Gotta go catch that pig so we can have dinner.

  2. What? Nothing for us pesceterians? Some wild tuna ensnared in commercial fishing nets, and fresh, oil slicked seaweed I LOVE it! You’ve quite the sense of humor. Hope your readers do too. Have a great Easter

  3. I’ve been yearning for wild boar ever since I read about your Biker Jim’s clone….. I have friends in Lake Havasu city AZ who see wild boar on every outing on the Lake …. I think they may be a source for you and me (down the line).

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