The Internet Kitchen: Signed Copies!


The Internet Kitchen: Signed Copies!

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I let a friend of mine sign a copy of my book. If you can’t see it all in the above photo, it’s signed: “Congrats on all my success, Big Time Chef.” Hilarious.

Turns out it’s odd signing books. This week I had my book launch party and I signed probably 30-40 books. Luckily, I didn’t spell anybody’s name wrong, which was my first concern.

I did sort of run out of things to write though. It’s tough to be original 40 times in a row! Mostly, I’m just humbled that people would actually want my signature!

I do have a few extra copies after the book launch party and a few of you have emailed me asking if it’s possible to order a signed copy.

I have to charge a bit more than Amazon ($25 instead of $17) just for shipping costs and stuff, but if you’re interested, I would be super-thrilled to send you one!

You can just buy it on Paypal and I’ll ship a copy out to you pronto!

Seriously, thanks for the support if you buy one. 

The Poll

Speaking of cookbook, pick a leftover from the book and I’ll make a dish!

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The Links

Baked Salmon Taquitos – Salmon in a taco? Yes, indeed. I bet these are delicious and a great appetizer for a Cinco de Mayo party this weekend! (@ Recipe Girl)

More and More Tacos – If those don’t sound good, here’s a delicious and beautiful roundup of a bunch of other taco recipes you could try out this weekend. (@ Huffpost Taste)

Giant Skillet Cinnamon Roll – Why make a bunch of little cinnamon rolls when you can make one huge one? There really is no good reason that I can think of. I guess the only issue is that I might be tempted to eat the whole damn thing by myself. (@ Sprinkle Bakes)

Mint Julep Cupcakes – Not to forget the Kentucky Derby this weekend, here’s some fun cupcakes I made for Tablespoon last week. They are chocolate/bourbon based, but the mint frosting is the best. (@ Tablespoon)

Happy Pre Cinco de Mayo weekend! Check back tomorrow for an awesome Tex-Mex brunch recipe!

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