The Internet Kitchen: Running!


The Internet Kitchen: Running!

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Big news everybody! I can finally freakin’ run.

It has taken almost two years and two knee surgeries, but just this week I started being able to run short distances (slowly) without huge amounts of pain.

I was actually almost to this point last year as well and then I think I just tried to push it too hard and ended up hurting myself therefore needing another surgery. So, I’m taking it really slowly, but it feels great to be able to do it again.

Speaking of running, if you didn’t see this article on the WSJ this week about running, it’s kind of a funny read. I’m not sure I agree with everything in it, but I do agree that it seems like running is really taking off as a past-time, but sometimes it does feel like people just like to think of themselves as runners. Oh, and then there is this Runner’s World retort which is even better.

And for the record, I’m firmly in that camp. I love the idea of being a runner even if I can only run 1/2 mile at a time at the moment.

I guess that means I should get a .5 bumper sticker for my car?

The Poll

Lately I’ve heard of some new ways of cooking items I’ve cooked before so I want to try one this week. I won’t reveal the interesting cooking method until later in the week! You pick!

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The Links

Rosemary and Smoked Salt Almonds – These look lovely and would be a great little table snack to have around during the holidays. I don’t imagine that they will last too long on any given table, but maybe it’ll keep the wolves at bay for a few minutes. (@ Love and Olive Oil)

How to Make Potato Chips – Speaking of different ways to cook stuff, this is an interesting way to make potato chips. I’m sure it works excellently and will try it the next time I make a batch. (@ Eat the Love)

Brussel Sprout Gratin – Take your standard green bean casserole and toss it directly out the window. This looks so much better and uses one of my favorite veggies of all time. (@ Simply Recipes)

Extra Crispy Skillet Stuffing – The Bitten Word gents are killing it this holiday season. I already bookmarked one of their recipes that I’m trying on my holiday menu. This one looks like a winner also! (@ Bitten Word)

postpicThis Week’s Meal Plan

This week’s meal plan is a good one! With the holidays approaching maybe you need some quick dinners to detox a bit before the big binge day. This is the meal plan for you! You can sign up now for Macheesmo Meals and get a free week to try out this plan and the others (there are now over a dozen total) and see if you like them!

Click here to get started!



Cool photo by Sean Venn.


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  1. Chad Stafko is a right-wing propagandist. The Runners world response is right on “Bizarre angry rant” indeed. I would say I could not believe the WSJ published that drivel, but since the WSJ is not owned by Fox News, I am not surprised. Good luck with your running – I finished my 2nd half-marathon of the year last Sunday, the first in mid September – So my Marathon time is just under 5 hours ( plus 2 months !) . So good luck with your running – I like to run in nature ( parks or trails ) and as such I want to hear the birds, squirrels, deer, so I purposely don’t use headphones. I do use a heart rate monitor for purposes of keeping me from over-doing it. Whenever I disregard and over-do, I end up injured. So listen to your body and don’t be a hero.

    I am making potato latkes for thanksgiving – probably with gravlax as well. I usually use frozen hash browns because it saves a lot of time (I don’t have a food processor ) . A thin, crisp latke ( almost a blini ) with goat cheese and gravlax is a little piece of heaven.

  2. I saw the WSJ article earlier this week–I thought it was pretty funny, though coming from someone who is batshit crazy enough to do marathon and a half runs you may want to take my opinion with a grain of salt. The reality is that some (but not all) runners take themselves too seriously; I can enjoy laughing at myself occasionally (and if not my husband does it for me). Congrats on the knee recovery; take it slow and you’ll continue to get stronger as the muscles get stronger. Do you do any weight training? A friend had an ACL repair last year and she thinks her time in the gym helped tremendously.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement September. :) YES. I’m doing lots of weight stuff and plyo stuff although starting really slowly at this point.

      Excited to get back to running long distances although I’m not sure I’ll make it up to half marathons any time soon. We’ll see though!

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