The Internet Kitchen: Nashville!


The Internet Kitchen: Nashville!

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Bets and I are headed to Nashville this weekend for a much-needed Thanksgiving break. We tend to spend Thanksgivings with Betsy’s family in Nashville, but last year we skipped it because it turns out flying from the middle of nowhere to the East coast is expensive.

Now that we are close to a major airport though it’s easier for us to get there and I’m really looking forward to it. We don’t have a ton of plans for the week but we are going to Rolf & Daughters one night and also seeing some live music.

I’m in charge of Thanksgiving, but we are keeping it low key this year. Well, as low key as I can make Thanksgiving obviously. There will still be a full bird, homemade pies, and lots of yummy sides.

No poll this week because of the holidays and travel.

The Links

Crescent Dinner Rolls – There is a very popular packaged product that people use to make crescent rolls and I’ve used them before for quick recipes. But, if you have the time, this homemade version looks spectacular. Flakey and lightly browned, I feel like I could eat a dozen of these. (@ Recipe Girl)

Vegetarian Thanksgiving – Veggie-friendly people get the short end of the stick sometimes during the holidays. That simply shouldn’t be! Be sure to be thoughtful of guests who are vegetarian. Here is a beautifully designed page that has some great starting ideas. (@ A Couple of Cooks)

Thanksgiving Stuffing – The smart trend is to stop stuffing birds these days. It makes it harder to cook the bird. It almost guarantees an overcooked bird if you do it. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make it though. Just cook it separately. This is a great starter recipe and ratio. (@ Ruhlman)

Turkey Fried Rice – I made an entire meal plan of leftover ideas this week for Macheesmo Meals subscribers and I’m also posting a fun leftover idea next week, but here’s yet another good one. (@ Tablespoon and Food in my Beard)


crandillapostThis Week’s Meal Plan

Since this week is a holiday week, I decided to do something different for the weekly meal plan and just listed some of my absolute favorite leftover meals for Thanksgiving day leftovers. You can sign up now for Macheesmo Meals and get a free week to try out this plan and the others (there are now over a dozen total) and see if you like them!

Click here to get started!



Awesome Nashville photo by Jim Davenport.

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  1. I was just there on Wednesday for a meeting. Meeting ran late and I didn’t get to eat at Peg Leg Porkers or Martin’s BBQ. Dangit. Have a great trip.

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