Internet Kitchen: The Most Important Visitor


Internet Kitchen: The Most Important Visitor

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Betsy’s mom is in town for the weekend. If you didn’t know, the Mother-in-Law visit is without a doubt the most important of visits. Luckily, we get along pretty great and have many mutual loves (food, wine, Betsy).

I’m actually not cooking that much this weekend while she is in town. We have some restaurant outings planned including Dim Sum. One thing I am making though is a fresh pasta dish but I was a bit torn with what to serve with it. I posted the question on facebook a few days ago and the consensus seemed to be mushrooms and sage so that’s what I’m going with! It’s nothing terribly fancy, but is also pretty impossible to mess up and will taste great in the fall.

No poll this week because I’ll be entertaining!

This Week’s Meal Plan

I frequently get emails asking for ways to make pasta more exciting. This week’s meal plan is centered around different, fast pasta dishes with lots of fall flavors. As always, the meals in the plan are quick, but filling and sturdy. You can sign up now for Macheesmo Meals and get a free week to try out the plans and see if you like them!

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The Links

Turkey Burgers with Sriracha – I’m not a huge turkey burger fan because I find them to be a bit bland. I think there’s pretty much zero concern that this version is bland though thanks to the spicy sauce. (@ Sippity Sup)

Beet Mac and Cheese – I imagine this tastes excellent because it’s mac and cheese, but the color is what I really love. It’s insane how bright red it is. I just love it. (@ Tablespoon)

Fresh Ginger Syrup – When I used to bartend, we would make a ginger syrup very similar to this for dark and stormy drinks which were probably the most popular cocktail on our menu. We would go through a gallon of this stuff a week. (@ David Lebovitz)

Pumpkin Butter Crunch Bars – You can always count on my friend Dawn to deliver when it gets to be pumpkin season. She always makes killer pumpkin desserts. These are no exception. (@ Vanilla Kitchen)

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