The Internet Kitchen: Fry Party Returns!


The Internet Kitchen: Fry Party Returns!

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When Betsy and I moved to Denver we had to put the fry party materials in storage because we just didn’t have the space for it.

But since we now have more space, we decided to bring back the tradition and throw a deep fry party this weekend!

I think we will break an attendance record for this party this weekend and the fryer will be working hard for many hours!

As always, I fry a bunch of staples like chicken, fries, etc. and then people bring other odds and ends to fry. It’s a blast and one of my favorite parties ever.

I’ll try to snap some pics this weekend and post a snippets post on the party next week!

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The Links

Cheater’s Marinara Sauce – This is a write up that I did for the Muir Glen blog on marinara sauce. I have a whole chapter on it in Love Your Leftovers. I haven’t bought a jar of the stuff in years and I hope I can convince you to give a homemade version a shot. (@ Tomato Vine)

Vegetarian Reuben – There’s a local brewery in Denver that makes a version of this sandwich that is seriously delicious. I think they use tempeh to add some heft to the sandwich. This looks like a great start though! (@ A Couple Cooks)

Garlic Lemon Roasted Artichokes – It’s artichoke season and if you’ve never tried a fresh one, I really hope you search a few out. They are so delicious and one of my favorite appetizer or side dishes in the spring. (@ Chasing Delicious)

Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers – Not sure why all these veggie dishes caught my eye this week, but here’s another one! Veggie burgers can be on the bland side, but these do not look as if they have that problem! (@ Good Life Eats)

Tips for Citrus – There’s a lime shortage this year and so it’s very important to get every last drop out of those suckers! Here’s a few tips to maximize your citrus juicing. (@ The Kitchn)

Have a great weekend everyone! If you need me, I’ll be making fried mac and cheese.

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  1. OMG – Fried Mac and Cheese…. I surely have found heaven on earth… So glad you were on the Freelance Writers Den today!! Thanks for the amazing input. I’m totally never going to do food writing, but I do love to eat :-)

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