Internet Kitchen: Friendsgiving!


Internet Kitchen: Friendsgiving!

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I’m working on a rather lengthy article for Tablespoon that requires me to make an entire Thanksgiving feast before actual Thanksgiving.

I’m pretty cool with this. It gives me a chance to try some new recipes and also an excuse to get together with some friends and eat and drink. What’s not to love?

Because it’s not really Thanksgiving, we are calling it Friendsgiving because Betsy and I used to go to an annual Friendsgiving in DC and so we just stole the name!

Friendsgiving will be happening tomorrow so that means I’ll be cooking most of the night tonight and all day tomorrow.

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The Links

Leftover Candy Recipes – Say there was a holiday in which you amassed huge amounts of strange, delicious candies. Maybe you want to make something with them? Here’s some great ideas to get you started. (@ Huffington Post)

French Toast Monkey Bread – Tiny pull apart breads that you can eat for breakfast? Yes please. Also, they are so small that nobody will notice if you have a few extra… unless you eat all of them by yourself. (@ Dine and Dish)

Pan Seared Pork Chops – Okay. So this post gives you the chance to win some stuff from Harry and David (bonus) but also the recipe just looks amazing. A perfect fall dish in my opinion. (@ Recipe girl)

Chocolate Caramel Tartlets – I’m not much for sweet things but something about these caught my eye. Maybe it’s that they are mini. Maybe it’s that they have caramel in them. Maybe it’s that the photos are amazing… who knows. (@ David Lebovitz)

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  1. My friends and I always talk about having a Friendsgiving every year, but it never goes down. Maybe I’ll have to put my foot down and finally make it happen this year!

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