The Internet Kitchen: Essay Contest!


The Internet Kitchen: Essay Contest!

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I read a lot of blogs about writing on the Internet and one of my favorites is Copyblogger.

A few weeks ago, the team there hosted a fun essay contest and one day while I ate lunch I typed up a quick little thing (250 words) and hit send. I figured they would get hundreds of submissions and I’d probably never hear of it again.

But then hey: I won!

I actually took second in the contest along with two other people (out of almost 300) which isn’t shabby at all. The Copyblogger team is going to post my essay at some point in the next few weeks although I’m not sure when exactly.

Goes to show you that you can’t win if you don’t try!

There’s no poll this week because I’ve planned a bunch of fun cookie recipes to post next week!

The Links

Tips for Healthy Holiday Traveling – It’s so hard to eat well while traveling. Betsy and I started packing little healthy travel packs when we fly now which is one of the tips in this list! Also, it’s snowing on Darya’s blog now which is pretty cute. (@ Summer Tomato)

Peanut Butter Swirl Bark – I love making a bark during this time of the year and this delicious looking sucker is the best one I’ve seen so far this year. (@ Brown Eyed Baker)

Einkorn Cookbook! – This is a blogger that I’ve read for years now and I’m really excited they are finally writing a cookbook. I’m not entirely sure what einkorn is but I’m sure I’ll try it now. Also, they are asking for recipe testers which could be really fun. (@ Food Loves Writing)

The 2013 William Sonoma Guide – This is only sort of about food, but is the funniest thing I’ve read all week. I didn’t even know I needed a gingerbread estate! (@ Deadspin)

chiliforpostThis Week’s Meal Plan

It was freakin’ cold in Colorado this last week and all I could think about was eating dishes that warm me up! That’s what this week’s meal plan features: warming dishes. My particular favorite is a chicken and white bean chili that is ready to go in about 30 minutes.

You can sign up now for Macheesmo Meals and get a free week to try out this plan and the others (there are now over a dozen total) and see if you like them!

Click here to get started!

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  1. Nick! First of all, that’s awesome about the contest and kind of a big deal–whipped it up quickly and took second place in 300? Seriously, awesome. Second, thank you as ever for your support and for reading along with us. We’re so grateful and want you to know it. -s

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