The Internet Kitchen: DC Bound


The Internet Kitchen: DC Bound

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I’m in DC this week and weekend for some work. It’s always interesting to come back to a place where you used to live. Some streets and stores are the exact same while other areas are unrecognizable.

Most impressively, it seems as if the craft beer scene has really taken off here in the last few years. There are all of the sudden more breweries than I’ll be able to try out in a weekend.

Not as many as Colorado, but I’ll make due!

I snapped this picture on a long morning run around the National Mall yesterday. This is a great city and sometimes I do miss living here!

The Links

Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Cake – I’m not much of a sweet tooth but this cake just reminded me of my childhood. It looks rich and decadent and damn near perfect. (@ Eat the Love)

Savory Cornbread Waffles – Chicken and waffles is one of my favorite brunches, but the savory waffle combinations don’t need to stop there. Here are some other great ideas plus win a waffle maker! (@ Love and Olive Oil)

Power Green Salad – Not a hard recipe, but one that’s packed with delicious vegetables. I swear, just looking at this salad will make you healthier. Ok. It won’t. But you get the idea. (@ Sprouted Kitchen)

Ward off Garlic Breath – I’m a garlic fiend and typically use more than I should in dishes. Having a quick list of natural ways to cut down on the garlic breath is probably a good idea. (@ Eating Well in annoying slideshow format)

What’s the Difference: Bacon, Pancetta, and Prosciutto? – If you’re a curious person, you maybe noticed that these three things are all very similar to each other. They are actually different though and it helps to know the difference if you want to use them correctly. Hint: Don’t eat raw bacon. (@ The Kitchn)

Have a great weekend everybody! If you need me, I’ll be grilling chicken thighs.

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