The Internet Kitchen: Closing Time


The Internet Kitchen: Closing Time

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After a month of inspections, appraisals, and other business that I barely comprehend, Betsy and I are closing on our first home today!

We have to do the final walkthrough this afternoon and then go sign various documents. I feel like I’ve been practicing my signature for years for this very moment.

After we sign all the business, we will of course rush over to the house to ensure that it’s still actually there and not some elaborate hoax.

Assuming the whole deal goes through, we will have a month to do some painting and stuff before we move in which will hopefully decrease the stress levels a bit. Most of all, I’m very excited to not have to move again for a long time.

The Poll

Have don’t a poll in a few weeks. Pick a vegetable that tends to get bad press and I’ll try to make something delicious.

[polldaddy poll=”7836025″]

The Links

Whole Roasted Cauliflower – I usually roast cauliflower in florets so they get caramelized nicely, but this whole roasted head looks plenty caramelized to me! I love the idea of breaking off a hunk and dipping it in the feta sauce. (@ Not Derby Pie)

Tortilla Bowl Salad – There are some fancy things on the market these days to make tortilla bowls, but you can make them in any oven-safe bowl. Then you can fill them with this salad and green goddess dressing! (@ A Couple Cooks)

Making Risott0 – This is a super-thorough walkthrough on how to make risotto. It includes some tips and some things to avoid. It’s perfect if you dream of making risotto so you don’t have to overpay for it in restaurants. (@ Spinach Tiger)

Pretzel Crusted Mac and Cheese – Just stop it. I want this for lunch right now. (@ Healthy Delicious)

Have a great weekend everyone! If you need me, I’ll be signing my life away!

Cool Monopoly photo by Mike_Fleming.

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  1. Do NOT sign the papers if that crack in the foundation wasn’t fixed!!!

    Haha..Congrats to u both! Now on to a life of never ending updates that need to be done. Enoy!

  2. This looks great! I am a big fan of quinoa, do you think it could be used in place of the couscous?

  3. Watching grains closer these days, so I’d have to say favorite grain for breakfast is toasted bread of the sprouted spelt kind, goes especially well with farm fresh eggs.

  4. Quinoa! I’ve been cooking it in coconut milk and water lately, with a few wheat berries sprinkled in for extra texture. I’ve found it’s quite filling and delicious with a generous portion of cut fruit and nuts on top.

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