The Internet Kitchen: The Big Game


The Internet Kitchen: The Big Game

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Apparently the NFL is suing people who say “Super Bowl” so everyone is referring to it as “The Big Game” this year.

I’m not exactly sure why the NFL cares if people say the actual game name. I’m not a lawyer though so who knows.

Personally, I think it’s a bit silly. It just makes people walk on eggshells and gives people a reason to vilify the organization even more. By the way, this definitely doesn’t break the top two reasons to vilify the NFL, which are, in order:

1) Head injuries

2) The fact that they are a non profit organization.

All of that said, I will of course be watching the game this weekend because how could you not? I’ve never lived in a city before with a “Big Game” team so I’m excited to see how it plays out.

I’m far from confident that the Broncos have it under control. As with all sports though, I hope it’s a good close game and nobody gets injured.

The Poll

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The Links

Slow Cooker Sliders – If you’re in need of a game day appetizer this weekend, it doesn’t get much better than these little guys. The nice thing is that you can make them well in advance of the game and they really only get better as they marinate in the slow cooker! (@Zak Blog)

Sun-Dried Tomato Dip – I can tell you that I love everything about this dip, but I might up the sun-dried tomatoes a bit just because I love them so very much. (@ Brown Eyed Baker)

Blue Cheese Buffalo Bites – If I saw these at a party, I think my first reaction might be to scoff at their ease: bread rolled with buffalo sauce and blue cheese? But, then I know I would eat two plates of them… (@ Recipe Girl)

Spicy Quinoa Meatballs – More meatballs! These are somewhat more healthy since they are packed with quinoa and lots of veggies. STill look tasty though! (@ Rebel Grain)

This Week’s Meal Plan

sidebarad01302014This week’s meal plan features one of my favorite citrus flavors: lemon. It’s a great trick to take an average dish and make it outstanding.

You can sign up now for Macheesmo Meals and get a free week to try out this plan and the others (there are now around 25 total) and see if you like them!



One Final Poll!

Who’s going to win “The Big Game”? Leave a comment!

Ball photo from marsmet552.

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