The Internet Kitchen: Bear Peak


The Internet Kitchen: Bear Peak

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Betsy and I are tackling one of the more prominent peaks in the Boulder area this weekend with some friends.

Bear Peak isn’t anywhere close to a “14er,” but it will be about 2,500 ft. in total elevation climb which is no joke for a casual weekend hike.

Going on long hikes is one of our favorite ways to get outside during the weekend. This is the perfect time of year to hike in CO so we will be trying to get in a few hikes a month.

One of the best reasons to hike besides just general health and happiness? It guarantees a super-tired dog!

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Pulled Pork Lettuce Wraps – My favorite thing about Love Your Leftovers so far is hearing what other people are dreaming up. This idea was just fantastic for the pulled pork chapter in the book and I’m a bit ashamed I didn’t think of it myself! (@ Recipe Girl)

Cinnamon Toast Potato Chips – Who doesn’t love a classic salty-sweet combination? I usually think of cinnamon and sugar to go on pita chips but this sounds even better to me. (@ Cupcake Project)

Roasted Radishes – I go crazy for radishes this time of year. I love all the different colors that you can get and how they can add crunch and some slight spice to a dish. (@ Arugula Files)

Ramp Ricotta Toasts – Ramps are something that you can really only find this time of year and so I strongly suggest you try them out. I usually just lightly saute them in some oil, but these toasts look like a great weekend lunch snack. (@ Milk & Mode)

Bill’s Sangria – A good sangria recipe will get you through a hot summer day. My only concern with this recipe is that I’m not sure what everybody else will drink at my party. (@ Savory Reviews)

Great photo by Wally Gobetz.


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