Instant Pot Diamonds

Instant Pot Diamonds

Welp, I’m rich.

Good news though. You can be too if you have a pressure cooker. Turns out you just throw some charcoal in your Instant Pot, turn it on high pressure for like 6 months and BOOM: DIAMONDS!

I figured this would probably work fine, but I wasn’t expecting the diamonds to come out perfectly cut and polished! Instant Pots truly are magical.

Instant Pot Diamonds

Instant Pot Diamonds

Just a moment please...

Like 30 diamonds
Prep Time
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You’re rich, dude!


1 pound of charcoal
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Helpful Equipment

instant pot


  1. Put charcoal in the Instant pot and add a cup of water. Seal it and turn it on. Cook on high pressure for like 6 months or something.
  2. Release pressure and boom. Diamonds!

I always here you can cook anything in an Instant Pot, but now I’m truly convinced!

Instant Pot Diamonds

6 comments on “Instant Pot Diamonds

  1. Nice one Nick – although usually you have me going for a little bit longer on April Fool’s. This one was pretty obviously a joke – but nonetheless a creative one!

  2. Do you have instructions for making this in a slow cooker? I don’t yet have an instant pot.

  3. Tried this… added food coloring and got sapphires. Great recipe! Am now independently wealthy, and will send a thank-you check to you.

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