Instant Pot Diamonds

Instant Pot Diamonds

You're rich now! Make diamonds in your Instant Pot!


Instant Pot Diamonds

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Welp, I’m rich.

Good news though. You can be too if you have a pressure cooker. Turns out you just throw some charcoal in your Instant Pot, turn it on high pressure for like 6 months and BOOM: DIAMONDS!

I figured this would probably work fine, but I wasn’t expecting the diamonds to come out perfectly cut and polished! Instant Pots truly are magical.

Instant Pot Diamonds

Like 30 diamonds
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Instant Pot Diamonds
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instant pot

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You’re rich, dude!


1 pound of charcoal


  1. Put charcoal in the Instant pot and add a cup of water. Seal it and turn it on. Cook on high pressure for like 6 months or something.
  2. Release pressure and boom. Diamonds!

I always here you can cook anything in an Instant Pot, but now I’m truly convinced!

Instant Pot Diamonds

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  1. Nice one Nick – although usually you have me going for a little bit longer on April Fool’s. This one was pretty obviously a joke – but nonetheless a creative one!

  2. Do you have instructions for making this in a slow cooker? I don’t yet have an instant pot.

      1. I cracked up when I read this but the first thing I noticed was the date and then I wondered how many people actually tried it lol

  3. Tried this… added food coloring and got sapphires. Great recipe! Am now independently wealthy, and will send a thank-you check to you.

  4. There seems to be an error in the recipe. Total cooking time doesn’t account for prep time. This glaring mistake makes me think you don’t take this recipe seriously! 2 stars!

  5. No one told me that this would destroy my instant pot! But at least I’m rich now and flying around the globe in my personal jumbo jet. lol

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