Realistic Homemade Worms

100 worms
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Homemade Realistic Worms: These are super fun to make and look SO realistic. SPOOKY! |
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These are super fun to make and look SO realistic. SPOOKY!


50 flexible party straws, cut in half or 100 full ones
1 6 ounce box of red Jell-o flavoring of your choice (raspberry, cherry, or strawberry are your options I think)
4 packages gelatin.
4 Cups boiling water
1 Cup heavy cream
15 drops green food coloring
20 Oreo cookies (You could set the out without the dirt, but the dirt is pretty tasty honestly.)
Foil or wax paper
An empty paper milk carton or a tall jar or plastic container to keep the worms in while they harden.


1) Pour Jell-O and 4 packages of gelatin ingredients all into a large bowl and mix them up well. Make sure you don’t have areas of just gelatin or it might not distribute well and you’ll have jelly clumps in your worms!

2) Add 4 cups of boiling water and stir it up well until everything is dissolved.

3) Set the bowl in the fridge for about 20 minutes until the liquid is room temperature. SET A TIMER because if you forget about it, it will turn into a very large red block which will be very hard to re-liquefy.

4) While your mixture is cooling, you can get your straws ready. The ones with the bendy necks work best because they give the end of the worm some texture. Make sure you extend the straws to the maximum length by pulling on the ends. Stretch them all out and then secure them with a rubber band so you have one big bundle. If you use the bendy neck straws, make sure to put the bendy necks at the bottom of your container!

5) Once your bundle is together, stick it in a milk carton (washed).

6) Once mixture is room temperature, add cup of cream. Mix it up well. Add green food coloring.

7) Whisk the food coloring and everything together and then pour it over straws and fill up the container.

8) Let this chill in your fridge overnight or for at least 4 hours.

9) Cut apart your carton and get your straws separated from the mold. Then lay out 12 inches or so of wax paper and starting from the non-bendy end of the straw, squeeze out the worm using your fingers! If the straw or your hands get slippery, have some paper towels on hand to dry out.

10) Squeeze the worms out on the wax paper in a mound of crushed oreos to keep them from sticking.

11) Toss the worms in the dirt and pile everything up in a big bowl!